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    For Sale Ss conical and more beer glycol chiller

    Ss conical and more beer chiller conical has a broke off caster bolt in one leg over wise perfect used for one batch chiller is perfect just need out of garage, 500 for both located in elk city Oklahoma. Will throw in a lot of extras if you want as I'm no longer participating in the hobby.
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    6 used 5 gallon soda-style kegs: $200 OBO

    Have six 5 gallon soda style kegs. Not brewing any longer & my old brewing buddy is not interested in brewing or the equipment, so these have got to go. Dusty. Plan on cleaning them. Will throw in extra "o" rings I have (for the in-out fittings) & a few for the lids. The colored "spots" on...
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    Oklahoma For Sale - OKC - 6 Soda Kegs, CO2 setup + Refrigerator

    Not brewing anymore & this stuff is just taking up space. 6 5-Gallon Soda Kegs. Some may need cleaning. CO2 tank (full) & regulator, splitter with shut-offs & 2 lines. Older refrigerator with 2 CO2 lines run in & 2 tap lines in the door. Refrigerator is ancient but works well enough to...