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    6 used 5 gallon soda-style kegs: $200 OBO

    Have six 5 gallon soda style kegs. Not brewing any longer & my old brewing buddy is not interested in brewing or the equipment, so these have got to go. Dusty. Plan on cleaning them. Will throw in extra "o" rings I have (for the in-out fittings) & a few for the lids. The colored "spots" on...
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    Oklahoma For Sale - OKC - 6 Soda Kegs, CO2 setup + Refrigerator

    Not brewing anymore & this stuff is just taking up space. 6 5-Gallon Soda Kegs. Some may need cleaning. CO2 tank (full) & regulator, splitter with shut-offs & 2 lines. Older refrigerator with 2 CO2 lines run in & 2 tap lines in the door. Refrigerator is ancient but works well enough to...