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  1. M

    Off flavor and taste-Help

    Off flavor and smell with Hoppy beers. Here is a mystery and if you can solve it, I will be forever grateful. I have brewed many west coast ipas and many Neipas. All were good until around a year ago. I know this is not to helpful, as I’m not “educated” in off flavor and smells. So I can’t...
  2. smirdok

    Help w/ Off Flavor in multiple beers, across multiple batches

    Hello to all! I thought after many trial and error, frustration, and many "sentence enhancer" words, I would finally post my problem to see if anyone could help Dx my off flavor. First, I've been brewing for a number of years now from extract, partial, to all grain. I use a 16 gal pot with a...
  3. Pappa_Bjorn

    Diagnosing off-tastes and causes in failed juniper gose?

    My first ever non-kit beer went terribly wrong, and I can't figure out what caused the off tastes or what they're called. Recipe for 3gal/11L single stage; 0,45kg/1lb Acid malt 0,9kg/2lb wheat extract 0,3kg/10oz light extract 10g/.4oz crystal @3%AAU 60m 20g/.8oz juniper berries 20m 2 orange...
  4. TrubDude

    Extract Twang? How to Combat It

    Hello. I'm a beginner and have been noticing a distinct syrup taste in my finished beer. All of them have a malty/molasses taste but are otherwise pretty good beers. Here is my current method: - 3 gal partial boil. Starting off with ~1 gal for wort then topping off to 3 gal at the end before...
  5. brando

    Hef tastes like I'm drinking raw wheat

    My first all-grain brew has been conditioning in the keg for 2 weeks and we just tapped it last night. The orange and coriander are great, were it not for the beer. The taste is like drinking a big mouthful of liquid wheat and the brew doesn't taste at all like widmer hef. It really doesn't...
  6. Byrdbrewer

    sweet beer

    Hello all, cheers !! I have a question concerning extract brewing – I currently brew Midwest kits that include a grain steep. My finished beers still tend to have a sweet taste on the front end and a kind of thick mouth feel. They are fully carbonated but seem to lack a crispness and a...