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  1. S

    Taste diacetyl in my first Pilsner :(

    I have brewed a number of ales which have all turned out delicious, and recently I attempted my first Pilsner (92% Pilsner malt, 8% flaked wheat) which did not turn out how I expected. There is a prominent off-flavor, it tastes mostly like butter scotch but I can't quite put my finger on it...
  2. P

    Carbon Dioxide Purity And Off Taste

    There are numerous discussions on HomeBrewTalk about off-flavors from CO2. Some are non-believers and insist that CO2 is CO2, while others claim to have experienced these off-flavors first-hand. I am primarily a soda brewer, and I'm a firm believer now that CO2 can have a significant impact on...
  3. B

    Off-Flavors, Super Dry Finish / Aftertaste

    I brewed the Lefse Blonde extract kit from Northern Brewer. In primary for about a week, secondary for two weeks, in bottles for two weeks so far. I'm getting a very dry (too dry) finish and some off-flavors I can't put my finger on. Any thoughts as to where I went wrong on this one? Not...
  4. smirdok

    Help w/ Off Flavor in multiple beers, across multiple batches

    Hello to all! I thought after many trial and error, frustration, and many "sentence enhancer" words, I would finally post my problem to see if anyone could help Dx my off flavor. First, I've been brewing for a number of years now from extract, partial, to all grain. I use a 16 gal pot with a...
  5. F

    Help with a persistent off flavor

    Hello everyone. I´m new in this forum and in the home brewing world too. I have done 5 batches of three different styles, but all of them had a unpleasant flavor. In this point I think that is important to say that in all batches, when I open the fermenter after 2 weeks of fermentation the beer...
  6. piojo

    How important is sanitation beyond buckets/bottles/hoses?

    Employees of some mushroom farms take serious precautions. Shower. Long sleeves. Face masks. Gloves. Long sleeves. No singing. Stationary, sanitized or sterile air. We don't need to use that abundance of care, since yeast can fight. Most of us carefully sanitize containers, bottles, and hoses...
  7. U

    New Here Bottling Issue

    So I started brewing a couple months back so my experience isn't massive. But I've read John Palmer, and try to stick by "the book." In terms of all the brewing literature/knowledge I've obtained as far as proper procedure. But with that being said on to what I am sure is a "noob" problem...
  8. B

    Off flavors...someone please HELP

    Ok so, I have brewing for about 2 years now....and to be honest I am about to be done. I continually get a specific off flavor in all my beers, I have tried everything under the sun, and am still getting it. The flavor in question, I can best describe as the flavor, of the smell of the initial...
  9. G

    Can Water Chemistry cause stale beer

    I have been noticing that with lighter colored beers like IPAs, Pilsners, Pale Ales, etc. tend to finish with a stale/oxidized flavor. When I brew stouts and porters I don't get that taste at all. It comes through with a smooth and malty flavor without any oxidation. My process is the same...
  10. maxvolume

    Outdoor AG in brewing in coolers

    SO, I tried AG for the first time. Everything went well; good efficiency, temps, the whole bit, but the flavor seems off - bitter. I used a converted partial mash recipe I have done before, so I feel I have a decent comparison. Why the off flavors? Could it be the plastic coolers? Because...
  11. Aestiva

    Why would this belgian become really bitter?!

    So I brewed the Brewers Best Belgian Tripel. My O.G. was 1.070, a little less than desired, but I thought not enough to cause an issue. I pitched the supplied yeast which I had started in one cup of cooled wort. I put it away at about 70deg. It cooled by the am to about 65deg. By three...
  12. R

    Off Flavors!!!

    Hello all. Got a question about some off flavors. I recently brewed three batches of beer, one a porter, an IPA and a Smashing pumpkin ale for the wifey. I just started kegging beer after building a new kegerator out of an old freezer. After racking and force carbing these three batches I am...