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  1. J

    First Marzen

    Haven’t really brewed for a good 6 months but I’m trying to get a recipe for a good Marzen. I plan to do a decoction, and have a 3 vessel AG set up with 2 whirlpool pumps and a counterflow chiller. I have a pretty good idea of the steps involved ( I’ve done a couple pilsners already) as far as...
  2. Z

    Festbier Oztoberfest (1st place with score of 43!)

    My second attempt at an Oktoberfest (Named Oztoberfest after my son Oz). I was really happy with how it turned out. It took gold in Euro Amber Lagers at the Rocky Mountain Homebrew Club Challenge last night with a score of 43 (scored 41 by a National rank judge). I did a beta rest and alpha...
  3. mightynintendo

    Oktoberfest 1

    Being March and all, it seems appropriate to brew an Oktoberfest to lager soon. I'm shooting for the more golden-colored O-fest one might encounter at a beer tent in Germany during the actual fest (as opposed to the darker amber-colored O-fests exported to the US). Here is the recipe I've come...