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  1. O

    Oats in extract brew?

    Hi all, Attempting my second ever brew next weekend, so dont worry about feeling patronising when you answer! I'm going to be doing a malt extract ipa, and want to add some oats to give a creamier mouthfeel. I've had a look online in various places and still not sure exactly how this will work...
  2. H

    Oat Bran

    Hi all. I recently read that oat bran has 50% more b glucans than flakes and more protein as well. So I found a dealer online and ordered a kilo to try. I checked it out and it states to have 18% protein, much more compared to the 13.5% on flakes. Has anyone else tried using them for enhancing...
  3. R

    IPA wheat/oat grains

    I’m a really big fan of these extra pale IPAs with a tropical fruit focus. Most I enjoy list their ingredients and I noticed a lot use wheat and oats. My question is, what would be a basic grain bill to start with? I imagine the base grain is 2 row and oat and wheat playing compliment. Can...
  4. N

    oat Beta glucan powder

    Hi I was wondeing if you could use oat beta glucan powder in place of oats in an extract recipe, for creamyness and mouth feel? Stuff like thishttp://www.garudaint.com/product.php?id=82
  5. JoshRH

    Big Beer, Lots of Oats, Airstone, Yeast Resuspension

    Hey there malt lovers, I brewed a 15 gallon batch of oatmeal stout last weekend. I used 8 lbs. of flaked oats and half were toasted lightly in my oven. I also added 2 jars of molasses, ~1Kg, 2 lbs. of lactose, 1 lb of cocoa nibs and .5 lbs of maltodextrin along with the rest of the grain bill. I...
  6. P

    Old Oats

    I have some old fashion whole grain rolled oats that have been in my cabinet for a very long time. The sell by date was 1.5 years ago. The oats look, smell and taste fine but they have been open and in my cabinet for a while. Do you think that they are still good to use in a beer or should i buy...