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  1. R

    Oak chips timing effect on flavor

    After a few different experiments / brews I can say that personally the more time sitting in cubes or oak chips, my brew finishes with less oak flavor. Does anyone else have the same experience ? Seems most sources online claim more time with chips = more oak flavor, but I’ve had complete...
  2. C

    Oak Varieties and Shapes: A Comprehensive Overview

    Perhaps it was sampling that delicious bourbon barrel stout that seduced you into contemplating a way to impart the taste of oak into a batch of homebrew. Maybe it was the scent of smoked grain mashing on brew day. Whatever your personal call to oak is, there are now a range of choices to give...
  3. gaburko

    Virgin oak barrel

    I got my hands on a virgin oak barrel (30l) medium toast, French oak. Has anyone use a virgin one to age beer? I understand that it will provide oak flavor really quickly so planning to leave the first couple of beers only for a short time. My ultimate plan is for this to become a souring...
  4. Mizamook

    Advice Request: Russian Imperial Stout slow finish and Oak Aging

    Hallo! This might be my first post. But I've been enjoying your help while lurking in the shadows, so thanks! I've got me here one 5-gallon batch of Russian Imperial Stout, namely "Bear Chested Putin" extract/partial mash kit from Home Brew Stuff (my favorite supplier "brewing enabler"...
  5. M

    Good brand of 5 liter oak barrel?

    I'm looking to get a small oak barrel to age a Baltic porter (or something even more toxic). I've used 2 barrels in the past, but it was long enough ago to where I don't remember the brands. I'm trying to spend under $100, and while there seems to be several good choices around $80, I wanted...
  6. N

    Oaked Saison feedback

    This is my first ever saison. I decided to get a little crazy and do something aged on oak with wine because I've had a few similar examples I've really enjoyed. I mostly chose the malt bill because it's what I have on hand, but if you have any suggestions on adjustments up/down please let me...
  7. theinterneti

    Developing an ideal "basic juice" cider

    Thanks for visiting my thread, Really enjoying the "Everyday simple cider" and "Graham's English" ciders that I've made up to this point. Working on dialing a blend of these for my taste, process and gear. I've read through the threads mentioned and a lot of the encyclopedia of yeast...
  8. NWOKBrewer

    Oak Barrel Aging Question

    First time post...apologies if this isn't the correct area. I didn't see any section for aging, so I thought I'd drop it in here. I recieved an Oak Barrel from a friend at a local brewery in OKC. The brewery used it once to age one of their seasonal beers. I've had it for a few months in my...
  9. FenoMeno

    Will oak flavor dissipate with age?

    I've made a Firestone Walker Double Barrel ale. I just kegged and tasted the beer. It had a pleasant taste, but definitely too oakey for my liking. I used the medium toast chips per the recipe (morebeer kit). The chips went into the conical five days before the end of secondary. However...
  10. OldRalHoleBrewing

    Sour Mash Crick

    If you want to follow this adventure on my blog, click here. So I'm undertaking my a big endeavor here; a trifecta of firsts. I'm doing a sour mash, oak fermented, cherry wheat beer. We're calling it "Crick" because it'll be like imitation Lambic, with sour mash replacing the lacto culture...
  11. OldRalHoleBrewing

    Fermentig with oak cubes

    I'm going to start a sour mash kriek-style beer tomorrow, and I was planning on oaking it. I have American House Toast cubes, and I was wondering what would happen if I just through them in during primary to achieve an effect like barrel aging. However, the package says add to secondary and...