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  1. M

    Racking and Oaking Grape Wine

    Hello all, I have years of experience with brewing cider, fruit wines, mead, and beer, but this is the first time I am doing a grape wine kit. It is a shiraz blend. I got the kit as a means of obtaining the balanced juice, but I am not following the instructions and time table to brew it in...
  2. jasper_brewer

    Steeped the Oak Chips for Whisky Barrel Stout

    I was following a recipe for Whisky Barrel Stout and I did not read the instructions properly(my fault). I put the chips with grains in the steeping bag and steeped for 20 minutes at a temperature around 165-170 F. Will this be harmful for health? Will it still taste like oak? I feel it will...
  3. Q

    Adding just liquid of bourbon soaked oak chips to imperial stout

    I have bought medium toast french oak chips that I plan to add to my imperial stout. I looked into some methods on how to best do it and found this video where he soaks chips in bourbon for a week or so and then adds only the liquid to beer at kegging or bottling (he uses bourbon barrel chips...
  4. E

    Soaking Oak Chips in Bourbon for Secondary

    I recently brewed an 8% Christmas Ale with some added spices and about 2 weeks into fermentation its tasting great. I've been pondering the idea of taking half of the 5 gallon batch and adding oak chips soaked in maple bourbon from a local distillery. I think that the oak chips soaked in bourbon...
  5. RiccoStar

    Oak chips timing effect on flavor

    After a few different experiments / brews I can say that personally the more time sitting in cubes or oak chips, my brew finishes with less oak flavor. Does anyone else have the same experience ? Seems most sources online claim more time with chips = more oak flavor, but I’ve had complete...
  6. C

    Oak Varieties and Shapes: A Comprehensive Overview

    Perhaps it was sampling that delicious bourbon barrel stout that seduced you into contemplating a way to impart the taste of oak into a batch of homebrew. Maybe it was the scent of smoked grain mashing on brew day. Whatever your personal call to oak is, there are now a range of choices to give...
  7. V

    BJCP Help

    Waited to long to ask this but I have print the labels today..... I have an imperial milk stout with coconut, vanilla, and Rye Whiskey soaked Oak Chips in it. I am struggling with where to enter it. Here is what I narrowed it down to: 30 A - Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer (coconut is...
  8. B

    Does steeping oak chips affect fermentation?

    I'm making an IPA from an extract kit that included a small bag of oak chips. Fermentation went fine, nice kreuzen, and after ten days I decided to rack to a secondary for a week or two. I tasted my hydrometer sample and it's really oaky. I went back through the instructions and I see that I...