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  1. S-Met

    Nutrients for wild fermentation?

    Title is the question. Bought a 1/2 gal of local apple juice poured a glass and kinda forgot about it in the back of my fridge. About a week or so later I noticed the jug was getting "puffy." I poured a small glass and it tasted great. I decided to use it as a starter for a wild ferment of...
  2. piojo

    At what stage does yeast use potassium?

    Does yeast need potassium during growth, or during anaerobic fermentation, or both? Or worse, do they want it as soon as possible when pitched? I ask because the popular BOMM mead recipe suggests adding potassium carbonate at pitch to provide potassium and buffering, and I'm thinking about...
  3. Andrew Hodgson

    Yeast Energizer as Mead Nutrient

    I have made one mead so far, JAOM. In an effort to unlearn the things I assumed to be true when making this mead I am now looking to do a traditional in order to learner the proper techniques of mead-making. I have a bag of Yeast Energizer from my LHBS, I use it sparingly in my beer brewing...
  4. piojo

    Is Fermaid O the same as peptone+dead yeast? Can I substitute them?

    Peptone is one of the major organic nitrogen sources used in microbiology, and it's easy to buy or manufacture yourself by using an enzyme to digest protein (soy protein isolate or casein isolate with no lactose). It's not so easy to get Fermaid O in my country, and it looks like it just...