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  1. ceefo1

    Spices? fell to bottom of 1 gal mead carboy

    Hey all! New to mead making. I just started a primary with some ground spices and less than 5 minutes into the process, it seems they have all fallen to the bottom. I used 1tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp ginger and 1/2 tsp nutmeg. I also used ec1118 for yeast and some ferm K. It's this normal? I've...
  2. C

    Trouble with cyser

    I’m a novice cider brewer who has done a few brews. I decided to try something new and make a cyser. About a week into the process I had cyser make it’s way into the airlock as well as brown chunks that started to form. As soon as I noticed this I cleaned and sanitized airlock and replaced it...
  3. S

    Maybe it's too much honey

    I'm making my first batch of mead in a plastic jug with holes poked into the lid and a balloon stretched and taped with holes in the top to be sure it's a good seal, just to give you an idea with what I'm working with. Anyway, I made this fermentation 3 days ago and it's going strong, the jug is...
  4. aBlankExpression

    Questions from a Novice Mead Maker

    Hi I've been making mead now for six months now and had some questions about the process. Residual Sugars I am looking to make a Hydromel, information online suggest there is success using s-04 yeast. People also recommend with that when using this yeast use a starting gravity of 1.040 but the...
  5. reynardthefox

    experiences of novice cider-maker in islamic country (minimum tools)

    greetings to my fellow cider-makers and cider-lovers I live in an Islamic country where public alcohol consumption and trade is extremely frowned upon and is often accompanied by an assortment of punishments by law. (whipping and jail) therefore, there are no brew shops in sight and the only...