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  1. braukorps

    North Carolina Jacksonville and surrounding areas

    Anyone out in this part of the state? There has to be with the home brew stores in the surrounding area. The facebook group for the Jacksonville home brewers looks to be abandoned.
  2. avl_bmb

    Blake's Beats // Asheville's 10 Best Breweries

    Hey, y'all. I've spent my past few years in Asheville, NC, and have built great relationships with some of the best brewers and appreciators of craft beer in my town. I wrote a few words about the ten breweries I believe to be the best that Asheville has to offer. Let me know what you think...
  3. B

    North Carolina Blichmann Top Tier Brew Stand, 3 Top Tier Burner Shelves, 50# utility Shelf

    Selling off my brewing equipment. Time to move on and spend time on other things. Chapel Hill, NC ( Raleigh/Durham Area) Pickup Only. Breakdown, packaging, and shipping of this stuff would not be financially viable for any of us, so must be a local pickup. Sorry folks. Link to Gallery...
  4. shoo

    North Carolina Complete hybrid RIMS/HERMS/stovetop system

    Putting out a feeler for selling a complete brewing system (possibly in parts), built from scratch. The system is highlighted here and here. Built it a bit over a year ago, lots of great brew days with it, but now working on something a bit different. System is designed to be super flexible, so...