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  1. B

    North Carolina Blichmann Top Tier Brew Stand, 3 Top Tier Burner Shelves, 50# utility Shelf

    Selling off my brewing equipment. Time to move on and spend time on other things. Chapel Hill, NC ( Raleigh/Durham Area) Pickup Only. Breakdown, packaging, and shipping of this stuff would not be financially viable for any of us, so must be a local pickup. Sorry folks. Link to Gallery...
  2. shoo

    North Carolina Complete hybrid RIMS/HERMS/stovetop system

    Putting out a feeler for selling a complete brewing system (possibly in parts), built from scratch. The system is highlighted here and here. Built it a bit over a year ago, lots of great brew days with it, but now working on something a bit different. System is designed to be super flexible, so...