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  1. CityBear

    First Batch early issue

    Hey Everyone, I am a two days into my first batch of mead, and I am a bit worried already. I started with 13lbs of honey from a local producer in Marin County, and 4 gallons spring water. I used the AIH mead kit for my additives, and added the .25 tsp. Potassium Metabisulfite, six tsp. Acid...
  2. thisissami

    Whooops... sanitization + cider question

    Hi Everybody! I'm fermenting my first batch of cider right now, and ****ed up my sanitization in a number of ways. The primary way in which I screwed up was that I felt weird about pouring my fresh apple juice (that I juiced myself!) into containers full of sanitary foam, and accordingly...
  3. BruJay

    Multiple Yeast Strains

    Soooo, I accidentally mixed ~150-200 billion cells of US-05 with a recently completed 2 L starter of ~390 billion cells of Wyeast 1056. One of those, "herpa derp, just doing routine stuff" when I grabbed the wrong mason jar. I'm brewing a rye beer with my FIL this Sunday. At this point, I...