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  1. CascadesBrewer

    Are you entering the AHA National Homebrew Competition? Why? Why Not?

    Me? I am not sure. I took a break from brewing and have gotten back into it full throttle. I have a decent Oatmeal Stout (maybe could use some more roasty) and Porter (a bit young to fully evaluate, but seems pretty solid) on tap. I have a Pale Ale about ready to kegged (fairly common...
  2. wmbolling

    Homebrew Con 2019: Call for Seminar Proposals

    Homebrew Con - a weekend-long celebration of making beer, mead, and cider at home - is heading to Providence, RI in 2019 (June 27-29), and we're looking for people to present during the educational seminars. Call for 2018 Homebrew Con Seminar Proposals Whether you're a professional in the...
  3. BeatnikTom

    Witbier BrunchMaster 2000 - Belgian Wit - Gold Medal 2018 NHC

    This is a super thick, super orangey, single hop/hop-bursted Amarillo Wit. 6 lbs Flaked Wheat 4 lbs Briess 2-Row Brewer's Malt .25 lbs Flaked Oats Add rice hulls if you're not smart enough to be BIAB'ing. :) .65oz 9%AA Amarillo @ 20 min .5 oz 9%AA Amarillo @ 15 min 1 oz 9% AA Amarillo @ 0 min...
  4. Y

    NHC Results

    This is my first year entering beers into NHC. If judging ends tomorrow, when should we expect results? My beers were entered into NYC region.
  5. Seabee John

    Pre-NHC get together in honor of Yoop leaving the UP!

    So I get this PM... "I'm crashing your party" Yoop announced she'll be in town the Tuesday before NHC (June 15th) She's stopping by for a beer. So if she's crashing a party... there better be a party to crash right? I figure there are more than a few local HBT members (or others visiting...