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  1. S

    Batch #3 Is this Infected.

    This is my third batch, Brewed with my Daughter - I thought we took all the right precautions. Can anyone tell if this is infected. Thanks in advance!
  2. Croucho

    Baby scoby clouds? Advice please!

    Hello friends, A cloudy gathering has collected at the bottom of a jar in my fridge containing a second ferment (aka without a scoby). What is it? Has anyone seen this before? I'm hoping its baby scoby clouds. What do I do? Thanks in advance for your help!
  3. Scientific hippie

    "Stuck fermentation" for newbies

    How long should one be seeing bubbles coming from the airlock? When is fermentation over, and when is it "stuck"? I have five separate gallons of elderberry must, with different yeasts. The four (with and without raisins) I have with Lalvin 1122 or Montrachet are bubbling; the one (just a couple...