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  1. Nubsan

    First mead research, need some help.

    Alright so i decided i was gonna get into mead making. Ive been doing alot of research in alot of different places and sometimes i cant make sense of it all as some information seems conflicting. For example i dont really understand if i should put honey in stages or not? Im gonna try to start...
  2. Liz

    Jumping in feet first- Persimmon Wine

    Hello! I am getting ready to embark on my homebrew journey. We purchased 7 acres in February 2023, which included 2 apple trees, peaches, cherries, walnuts, chestnuts, and 1 Fuyu and 1 Hachiya persimmon tree, all well established and producing ample amounts of fruit. My persimmons had a bumper...
  3. land3r

    Mmmmm.... Swimming Pool

    1st batch ever sucked. Here are my final notes. Figured I'd start a new post since there may be more helpful advice for chlorinated water. Sure wish I would have known to check for chlorine treatment in water before starting, but I guess learning the hard way is better than not at all. I do...
  4. Lizzard98

    Stuck fermentation fix? Have i just done it wrong?

    Hi, I'm very new to brewing and I have started with mead. The recipes and advice I followed didn't mention anything about measuring the starting gravity? I am trying to make a gorse mead, started it about 6 weeks ago. It was only in the primary for 4 days as that was what was suggested. I...
  5. B

    Greetings from New Jersey

    Greetings from New Jersey. My name is Mike aka Blind Mike, and I am low vision legally blind, and at 51 years old am finally embarking on a decades long dream of making wine and mead at home. I have a feeling it's going to be an interesting journey, and I am looking forward to sharing my...
  6. Walter Weißbier

    My first brew

    Hey everyone! I’m new to this forum and am starting my first Weißbier! Originally from Ireland and love German beer as I’ve visited a few times. Does it look okay so far? Only a hour or so into fermentation
  7. S

    Using whole raisins for sugar content?

    I have added a bit less honey than I should have, and opted to fill the remaining the sugar gap with raisins. I had 3L of volume before adding the raisins with 850g of honey. I added 250g of raisins (whole) thinking that it could substitute for the lack of sugars, but now i am worrying that the...
  8. S

    Small Batch Lagering Equipment

    I’m still cutting my teeth on ales, but hope to take a crack at a lager at some point in the near future. What recommendations do you all have for an economical lagering environment? I was considering purchasing a mini-fridge to do 1 gallon batches in, but wanted to see what others may have used.
  9. S

    Brewing Frequency

    I thought I’d chalk this up to my excitement of starting a new hobby, but I'm curious: how frequently do the rest of you brew? I’m doing smaller batches, but I’m currently averaging about one a week. Curious if my frequency is typical or, shall we say, obsessive 🙂
  10. S

    Best Small Batch Fermenters

    New brewer here. At the risk of sounding like I’m asking a dumb question, any recommendations (or cautions) on small batch (1-3 gallon) fermenters? I’ve got carboys and a Fermonster, but I’m wondering if there are other vessels you all have had success with in the past. I like to have multiple...
  11. R

    (Another) new Atlanta area homebrewer

    Hello from Smyrna, home of the Braves. I’ve been a part of the home brew community for years… making empties. Recently I took a class at Schoolhouse Brewing. It was fantastic. In class we used a grainfather system… so perhaps I’m spoiled. I don’t want to go through the progression of buying...
  12. A

    FAQ for newbies

    We need a sticky in this forum for the newbie questions. I'll kick it off by asking two questions I can answer, and ask a few of my own. Could we get a mod to pin this one please and get the folks to help fill in the blanks and add to this list? Thanks all! Q: What if I want to use honey...
  13. M

    5 days without fermentation activity

    Hi, this is my first post and first hard apple cider attempt. 5 days ago I added my yeast to the apple cider (fresh pressed, added Camden tablet and waited 48h before adding the yeast). I left the carboy in my wine cellar at 55F and after 5 days see no activity. I assume it's the temperature...
  14. B

    Purchased Scoby and received it in the mail...

    Hi all! sorry this is my first time posting. I purchased a Scoby from a local brewing company a week ago and received it today. It has an ice pack with it that’s now obviously melted. It’s been unrefrigerated for a week - am I wasting time if I try to use it or will it be ok?
  15. W

    I need help understanding the order of steps..

    Ok. So I already started 15 gallons of apple cider in several carboys and have begun racking to secondary. But I’m trying to figure out in what order I make amendments etc. Please let me know what’s what. 1. Finish primary fermentation (I already tested SG levels and it’s all below 1.010) 2...
  16. videojunkie1208

    So you've had your first mead...

    I have posted this, or pieces of this advice throughout the forum, here it is in one go. Congratulations, you have discovered one of the oldest (if not the oldest) fermented beverages! You liked it so much you want to make more. There are 100s of resources online showing how to make mead...

    Cream Ale Thoughts....

    Good day beer people. I have come up with the following 'recipe' for a 1 gallon experimental batch: Grains (amounts for 1 gallon batch): Corn - Yellow, Flaked Briess (4.8 oz/gallon) Pilsen Malt 2-Row Briess (3.2oz/gallon) Vienna Malt Weyermann (1.6oz/gallon) Caramel Malt - 20L Briess...
  18. P

    Glass Carboy Bottom Explodes

    First wine kit on our own. Had a merlot kit. Followed instructions as best as I know. Used a 6.5 gal glass carboy for primary fermentation. Checked on it after the first 24 hours. About a half gallon was on the floor. Bottom busted off the carboy. No signs of release from the airlock. Any...
  19. schaef81

    Advice: First All-Grain Batch did not go well.

    Hello, I brewed my first all-grain batch, a bavarian hefeweizen and it turned out VERY pale and flavorless. It had none of the flavor that a hefeweizen should have nor any of the color. I did notice that it was already quite clear during Vorlauf so I am not sure if something when wrong during...
  20. Demetrio

    Have not started yet

    I don't want to call myself a newbie since I have not started brewing yet. I want to learn as much as I can from this forum and the internet on how to start this process and have some knowledge before I start buying the materials etc. I hope to retire in 3 years and I love to drink beer, I...