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  1. Candass08

    Hydrometer and specific gravity readings

    Hello all! This is my first ever attempt to homebrewing cider! I have been letting the apple juice and yeast ferment for two weeks and went to check the specific gravity with my hydrometer. From what I have read there should be at least some alcohol content by now however, it is reading zero...
  2. Yotebeth

    Forgotten Cider in Carboy, can I bottle?

    In...oh god...March, I started a batch of cider. Really simple, just apple juice and yeast. Then life happened, a covid scare, and, things got moved around, the carboy got hidden.... And I just found it today. It's been in the Carboy the whole time, and the airlock is still in, and sealed...
  3. J

    First All Grain Attempt... at a Pilsner

    Soooo I might have set my sights a little too high for my first attempt. I have a lot of the information I need to make a gracious (yet probably a fail) attempt at a decoction mash. One thing I’m having a problem with is amount of strike water and sparge water I need. Anyone have any advice or...
  4. F

    Adding water after the boil

    Hi all, Fairly new to brewing, I've done four or five kits and recently started to experiment with other peoples recipes posted online. I've struggled a bit with the wording for this question so I hope it makes sense - if not please ask for any parts you want clarified. A lot of the recipes...
  5. H

    No ABV% in my cider.

    Hello there, I'm very much a newbie when it comes to brewing, this has been the first time I've tried it after being gifted a home-brew kit from my parents, I already expected that my first attempt wouldn't be completely perfect I've followed the instructions given by the kit and waited the...
  6. L

    Correctly Rehydrating Dry Yeast

    Advantages of Using Dry Yeast Dry yeast has a lot of advantages over liquid yeast. It is cheap and readily available. If stored cool and dry, after 2 years the cells still have a viability over 90%. The form factor is small and one packet contains around 230 Billion cells. That is more than...