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  1. HomeBrewMasterRace

    Sanitizer Question

    Hi All, I've heard things from friends but i wanted to run this by everyone on here. I have friends who swear that you can save the sanitizer for 2 weeks until you're ready to bottle (he stores it in a 5 gallon keg) and i've heard never to save sanitizer (at my local brew supply store). I guess...
  2. TrubDude

    Hello from Hampton NH

    Hi, I'm a new member and have been brewing for about 5 months. My first batch was a stout where I over sanitized everything, but it still came out well. Next batches were wheat ale and a Peaky Blinder black IPA clone. Everything has come out well but has a slight burned taste or something else I...
  3. zahrndt_usmc

    Kegging equipment help!!?!

    ok so i read the past articles, looked at websites and im still confused! what do i need to keg beer (besides the keg) I looked at several websites and they have all kinds of doo dads in theyre kits and i just dont want to get taken or buy stuff i dont need or buy something thats gonna break in...