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  1. marchio-93

    Different hops for a Best Bitter

    Hello everyone! I wanted to ask you a few questions about this "Manchester Bitter" recipe that I found. 20L Maris Otter 94% Caramalt 4% Crystal 150 2% a bit of Herkules for 60' E.K. Golding for 15' 1 oz Motueka Flame out for 20' 1 oz Waimea Flame out for 20' Caramalt is not available from me...
  2. Brewpastor

    What's your new style obsession?

    I am currently obsessed with brewing various German style lagers with various New Zealand hops. I love the clean malt profiles of these styles and the various ways they let subtle hop characteristics come through. I have more recipes designed than I can brew. What are you into these days?