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  1. P

    Should I cold crash?

    Hello, I recently brewed a Pacific Coast IPA (11 days ago). 4 days ago I dry hopped using a dry hop filter canister thing. I am wondering if I should cold crash or not? I don’t care if beer is crystal clear or not, but do like the added benefit of a cleaner beer (eliminating bunch of particles...
  2. S

    Something You Wish You’d Started Doing Sooner (in Home Brewing)

    Hi all, new brewer here. I fully anticipate that there’s a similar thread or two with this kind of theme, so please feel free to point me towards any other resource you know would be helpful. I’m the kind of person who dives in headfirst when he discovers a new interest or hobby, and home...
  3. BlackQueenBrews


    New homebrewer from NE Ohio! Got a Mr. Beer kit for Christmas and brewed my first batch last weekend-Long Play IPA. Looking forward to great conversation and tips in my home brewing journey I live in an apartment so, the Mr. Beer system is ideal! I really like fruit beers and sours but...