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  1. B

    Bottling a Triple NEIPA

    Okay so I've made a Triple 10% New England IPA BIAB as my second brew ever. I know I know I went in at the deep end but go big or go home! I just thought I would keep a record of any change in colour and oxidation on here and if you're interested just follow a long. Ask me any questions! The...
  2. DTM-oh

    New England IPA Help

    I'm trying to come up with a good recipe for a NE-IPA, like Suh Bruh by Old Nation. This style has become very popular but I have not found a lot of recipes from reliable sources. Right now my best shot for a 5G batch is: 1 # Rice Hulls 12 # Pilsner 1 # Cara-Pils/Dex 1 # Oats, Flaked 1 #...
  3. C

    Water Profile Help

    I did a water test with Ward Labs and I'm looking to adjust so I can make a New England IPA. I listed my stats below, could anyone tell me what I need to add in order to get that NE IPA profile? I have more stats, but think these are the essential one's. PH - 7.1 Calcium - 34 Total Hardness -...
  4. Tyler Hurst

    NEIPA Brewing Procedures

    Hey everyone, long time lurker first-time poster here. I have been working on perfecting my NIEPA recipes for quite a while and created a list of Guidelines to follow that are strictly for use with New England IPAs. I am no master brewer and this list is mostly for newcomers to brewing but, if...
  5. K

    Imperial Yeast A38 Juice

    So I'm a fairly new homebrewer, using Imperial Yeast's A38 Juice for an NEIPA this weekend for the first time. I'm wondering if I should propagate a starter for it? My target post boil OG is 1.067. I appreciate any help!