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  1. chungl

    New brewer & member

    Hi there 🤗 I'm @chungl. I'm based in Denver, CO, USA and I started brewing about a month ago. Batches 6 & 7 are fermenting right now, an Achromatic Stout and a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale clone with some fresh hops I found last week. The first few batches weren't great, but I've really enjoyed an...
  2. Melite

    Mango mead - Fisrt/secundary fermentation

    I want to make some simple mango mead and i have a little question. Ok so im new on homebrewing, this is gonna be my second batch ever. I want a mango mead, i've been reading some things, and cant decide/ i dont know if it is a good idea to put a little more mango on my mead after primary...
  3. Melite

    Hello from Mexico.

    Hi, im 23 and im from México. Im very happy to be part of this community, i just made my first mead batch ever. I went with a simple strawberry mead, and i hope it turns out well. Mead has always fascinated me, since i always watch movies, series or playing videogames, it was always there haha...
  4. N

    To the New Brewer - How Excellent Mentorship Sparked My Love for Brewing

    A year ago, I had no idea how beer, whiskey, or wine were made. Nor did I really care. All I knew was that, come the typical Saturday night, my wife and I were likely visiting our local supermarket to pick up a six-pack of Miller Light and a bottle of Menage-a-Trois cabernet to share with...