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  1. KarlKrook

    Oxidation during fermentation

    https://imgur.com/a/hZv0AZG I happened upon something I’ve never seen before. I’m fermenting a NEIPA 92% Extra Pale Maris Otter and 8% flaked oats. Mashed at 64C. Hopstand at flameout for 10min. Wort cooled while transferred to fermenter keg, the temp was ranging from 20-50C during the...
  2. O

    Higher Sulfate than Chloride NEIPA

    So I've made a handful of NEIPA's and I've always used a higher chloride to sulfate ratio. I've never been thrilled with the results so I'm thinking of using more sulfate than chloride in my next batch while also trying to keep the calcium low as calcium is known to increase hardness in water...
  3. F

    NEIPA hops: Pellets VS Whole?

    Hi! When you guys brew NEIPA, do you use pellets or whole cones? If you want, you can specify "why" :)
  4. beervoid

    Disappointed with simcoe in a neipa

    Just kegged a neipa with 3.7oz simcoe and 2.5oz mosaic cryo dry hop. Came out very shallow. Mosaic is almost nowhere to be found. Simcoe is just giving me some grassy piness with a very soft peachy note that overshadowd mosaic even though there was more mosaic. The pellets smelled fine but with...
  5. Dgallo

    Tired of Citra, Mosiac, and Galaxy NE IPAS

    Love the combo. It’s kinda like Skynyrd’s “Free Bird”. Awesome but sometimes you’ve had enough of it. I wanted to open up a discussion for people looking to change up their hop combos. I’ll start with one odd one that came out delicious and then provide my combo I’m rocking on my upcoming brew...
  6. V

    Lazy NEIPA Recipe Question

    Riding the coat tails of a few 15 minute brews I have decided to give a NEIPA a try under the same concept and would like some feed back on the process, my biggest question is how / when to incorporate flaked oats into the process. Please let me know if the grain bill is to much as well...
  7. V

    15 minute NEIPA

    Before any scoffs at the idea, I recently did the cream ale listed here: https://www.homebrewtalk.com/brew-beer-hour-less.html and it came out GREAT. So begins my quest not to make the best NEIPA but a "good enough" one under the same concept. I have no idea where to start though and am...
  8. A

    Hops that create a Pineapple flavor

    After trying Pineapple Tessellation form Lone Pine in Portland ME. My wife wants to make something close. She wants most of the pineapple flavor to come from the hops / hop combinations. She does plan to age it on some form of real pineapple at the end. I have a good base NEIPA recipe I use...
  9. B

    Higher FG with my First Two BIAB Beers

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone can help me with this situation. I currently do 2.5 gallon BIAB beers. I took a 5g all-grain NEIPA kit and split it into two batches ( I measured them out evenly on a good electric scale I own). Both of them finished with higher than expected FG of...
  10. D

    Various whirlpool/dry hopping/keg hopping questions

    Hello folks, I'm an AG brewer who is switching to kegging from bottling. I always end up with bitter/astringent hop trub in my hoppy beers after whirlpooling/dry-hopping despite using hop bags. I have a few questions and will be grateful for any advice: -When whirlpooling (with an immersion...
  11. beervoid

    My theory and experience with Biotransformation of dry hops in a NEIPA.

    Hello everyone, Allow me to share some thoughts and speculations for you to consider and hopefully add to my hypothesis. I've been mainly brewing New England style IPA's this year and have been testing out all kinds of factors. I've done both dry hopping during active fermentation and after...
  12. F

    Dry hopping techniques

    Hi! I am going to brew my first NEIPA soon and I have just bought me a keg. General, I have had a lot of oxidation problems when bottling my IPAs so I am hoping the keg will help me in this situation. One question I have is if you guys have seen some problem with oxidation with different dry...
  13. P

    Copper equipment & Hop oxidation

    I wasn't able to find any explanation in searches so I'm posting a topic. In some discussions related to NEIPA and related intricacies of heavily hopped beer I've seen comments about copper immersion chillers and "wanting to go SS" which leads me to this question: Is it known whether copper...
  14. HomeBrewMasterRace

    Dry Hopping Question

    Hi all, I missread the recipe for the neipa that am making and I dry hopped at day 3 instead of only for 3 days. I'm now on day for and was planning to dry hop again on Friday. My question is, when I dry hop the new bag should I fish out the old one? I'm using citra, Galaxy and mosaic hops...
  15. brewpharm Hill

    Other Half Daydream (oat cream IPAs) - all grain clone attempts

    Hello! I have been trying to replicate Other Half's Daydream beers at home and have had some success... however the beers are coming out somewhat thin and slick feeling (despite a FG of ~1.018, likely slick from the massive amount oats). Has anyone attempted these? I'm almost 100% positive...
  16. beervoid

    NEIPA's Whirlfloc and the case of polyphenol haze

    Hello everyone, I wanted to share some thoughts. I've been brewing NEIPA's for quiet some time now. Experimenting with wheat/oat percentages and also with and without kettle finings, in this case whirlfloc. I'm of the opinion that large percentages of oats or wheats cause a haze that combined...
  17. V

    NEIPA Shelf Life Dry Hopped

    Currently have a NEIPA fermenting under pressure and the one thing I always forget when I ferment under pressure is how damn fast it goes! Anyways I have a party in exactly a month that this beer is to be servered at. My plan was to dump the hops into the serving keg during the force carb...
  18. Tyler Hurst

    NEIPA Brewing Procedures

    Hey everyone, long time lurker first-time poster here. I have been working on perfecting my NIEPA recipes for quite a while and created a list of Guidelines to follow that are strictly for use with New England IPAs. I am no master brewer and this list is mostly for newcomers to brewing but, if...
  19. M

    NE IPA beginner recipe, help needed

    I've put together a NEIPA recipe, but i'm short on money, and my brew supplier only sels 50 and 30g hop packages, so that is something I had to be aware of, so I wanted to ask you guys if this is still a working recipe. 15l batch Grains: American Pale Ale malt 2kg Marris Otter 1kg Flaked oats...
  20. D

    Increasing ABV during active fermentation

    Hey Everyone, I've been having difficulty with BeerSmith lately. My OG is coming out way lower than what BeerSmith says it should be. I'm going to do some research over the weekend to figure out if it's a setting in BeerSmith or if it is my brewing. Either way, I brewed a NEIPA yesterday...