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  1. L

    New England Style IPA issues

    So I have been trying to replicate a NEIPA style beer similar to one that Trillium/Treehouse etc would make. I know there are other threads on this here and I have read most of them several times but they dated/long and hard to follow at times, so I figured it may be time to start a new one...
  2. V

    In Need of Advise (Expedited Time Tables)

    I know, I know - you can't rush good beer. Unless you over commit for a Halloween party.... I brewed a DIPA using K-97 last night for it to be ready to serve in 10 days. Yikes right? Usually for these NEIPA / DIPAs I don't sweat that time frame in a pinch (obviously more time is better). I can...
  3. V

    I Love Nottingham Yeast

    This yeast has a special place in my heart and I wanted to share my experiences with it. I have a "Flag Ship" beer (NEIPA) that I feel has only become this way because of the yeast. EVERY TIME I use it, I can count on it to get started within hours and finish within 3 days (I let it sit for a...
  4. brewpharm Hill

    (NEIPA) Imperial Yeast - Kveiking

    I'm planning first brew with Kveik and decided to go with Imperial yeast's seasonal kveik blend called Kveiking. I'm brewing it in my NEIPA recipe. Other than fermenting warm, not pitching the whole pouch, and this finishing out in a few days does anyone have advice for a first time kveik...
  5. V

    Adding Body But Not Color

    I am tweaking a DIPA (NEIPA style) recipe and really looking to stay as close to straw yellow as possible but can't seem to do so with my steeping grains. Currently my bill is: 6 lb Pilsner DME 1 lb Bavarian Wheat DME 1.5 lb Flaked Oats 0.5 lb Carapils 0.2 lb Crystal 20 I am getting 5 SRM on...
  6. F

    Anyone brewed with WLP067 ?? need some help

    I was wondering if anyone could help me out with some wlp067 issues. Seems like this yeast likes to over attenuate.
  7. V

    Acceptable Amount of Alcohol Taste

    Recently did a DIPA which is young, only about 2 weeks old that came out to 8.5%. For my NEIPA style beers I usually keg pretty early about 10 days (gravity reading stable for 3 days in a row) then dry hop in the keg for a 1 1/2 weeks before serving and they usually are gone within 1-2 weeks...
  8. H

    Kveik NEIPA w/ Cryo Dry Hopping

    Brewed a NEIPA on Memorial Day using a kveik blend from Imperial yeast. Process and recipe below. I'll be posting results in the coming weeks as well Grist: Pale ale 9.5# Chit 2.5# F. Oats 2.25# Acid 0.25# Rice hulls added to mash Mashed @ 150 Hops (full leaf): Columbus 0.5 oz - 30 mins...
  9. C

    Water Profile Help

    I did a water test with Ward Labs and I'm looking to adjust so I can make a New England IPA. I listed my stats below, could anyone tell me what I need to add in order to get that NE IPA profile? I have more stats, but think these are the essential one's. PH - 7.1 Calcium - 34 Total Hardness -...
  10. cryptohomebrew

    How to adjust my water profile for NEIPA brew

    Hi All, Next weekend I am trying my first NEIPA brew, it'll be GF as I have Celiac, not sure if this will matter for my question. I just got my water profile results back from Wards. Here is the results. (all values are PPM) Sodium, Na - 35 Potassium, K - 3 Calcium, Ca - 37 Magnesium...
  11. MPaiv12

    NEIPA Hop Combination/Ratio Question

    I'm looking for some input on a recipe I am crafting for my next brew day. I have read about a lot about different hop combinations for NEIPAs, which has led me to go with a Citra, El Dorado, and Mosaic. I have used these hops in the past, just not this combination. My question is what you do...
  12. cryptohomebrew

    Stewart Brewing Gluten Freedom Mosaic DH - NEIPA

    Hi All, I was pursuing untappd a few days ago and stumbled across what I think is the best GF NEIPA I have seen. Does anyone have an idea for a clone recipe? I checked Brewers Friend and couldn't find anything...
  13. JP2013

    Kegging my first NEIPA-advice needed

    hello everyone, Thank you for taking the time to read my post and for hopefully offering your insights. I’m about to brew my first 5 gallon NEIPA (all grain), but I have a few questions about my kegging schedule. I've looked at close to 15-20 different NEIPA recipes while developing mine, and...
  14. voicelex

    American IPA 12 Day Session NEIPA

    I wanted to brew this beer for two reason, one to see if I could and two because I had a party coming up and like so many recipes, this was based on necessity! Efficiency: 70% Ingredients: 6 lbs US 2-row malt 2 lbs white wheat malt 2 lbs flaked oats 4 oz Crystal 120L 4 oz lactose 1 oz...
  15. San parker

    Recipe review

    This is my first attempt at a NEIPA. Also my first all grain recipe. All criticism is appreciated. Recipe is for single mash BIAB Infussion. NEIPA: OG: 1.068 FG: 1.017 ABV: 6.7% 12lb Pale malt 2lb raw wheat 2lb flaked oats 28 g Citra 12 Boil 5 min 28 g El Dorado 15.7 Boil 5 min 28 g...
  16. beervoid

    English yeasts and the miracle ester sweet spot of generation nr X

    Hello yeast lovers, I've been brewing IPA's mostly with GY054 Vermont yeast and WY1318 London Ale III. I overbuild starters and keep some for a next brew. Now it might have been coincidence but at around generation 5 or 6 these yeast seem to attenuate a bit less but throw mad fruity esters...
  17. beervoid

    Cheaper hops on the hotside for NEIPA, IPA

    Hello forum, I'm wondering if any people here have experimented with using less expensive hops on the hotside of the brewing process... Chinook, columbus, centennial, cascade etc.. while keeping the expensive pungent hops like Mosaic, Citra, Galaxy etc exclusively for dry hopping. I know...
  18. bw7hb

    Recurring acetaldehyde problem with extract NEIPA brewed with S-04

    I'm trying to brew a NEIPA but I'm having issues with very strong acetaldehyde / green apple off flavor at bottling time and after a month of bottle conditioning. As I'm fairly new to home brewing I'm using all extract. The first beer I ever brewed was a pale ale and it worked out very well. I...
  19. J

    Dry hop creep / Diacetyl in IPA

    Hi all! Sure, this topic has been up before. Even dug deep into with scientific articles etc. Still some things aren't quite clear to me. So, a couple of hours of googling, reading articles, listen to podcasts etc. I have a good understanding of what "Hop Creep" acutally is, and why it...
  20. iuva

    NEIPa - Mashing temperature vs Type of cereals

    Hi guys I'd like to make this NEIPA shared by @maltyboy: https://www.homebrewtalk.com/forum/index.php?threads/658327/ I have some technical questions to ask before starting my batch. -I have never used flakes. When should I add them to the mashing process? Which temperature? -Same with wheat...