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  1. HM-2

    WLP644 Sachs Trois

    Anyone used WLP664 Saccharomyces "bruxellensis" Trois (AKA WHC Funky Pineapple) for a double NEIPA brew before? I'm looking at brewing an Amarillo, Sabro and Simcoe double hazy and keen to push the pineapple esters that 644 can provide. I've used it once before but didn't really get much from...
  2. Evan Kingsbury

    Advise needed! NEIPA water profile from distilled water; the easier the better

    Hi all- I haven't had much luck finding the answers I need on the forum or online. I'm planning to brew an all grain batch of NEIPA tomorrow (7/17/22). This will require me to dabble in water chemistry for the first time. After hours of online research and tinkering with water calculators--...
  3. Turtletank

    NEIPA botched?

    So i was sampling my neipa with a turkey baster like i always do but since i split the bill in half because the grain bill was so large. I had to use a hose attched to the baster to reach the 4 gallon mark. I should have just used my syphon, being lazy i guess. Well needless to say i lost the...
  4. Stephen Perry

    Dry hopping temp

    I have scoured the internet and the forums. I'm trying to figure out, what is the best dry hopping temps? In my current situation, I have a hazy NEIPA going, and I'm trying to make sure I extract all of the best citrus notes, flavors, and aromas that I can. 1 site says cold crashing temps around...
  5. V

    NEIPA Hops?

    To brew a killer NEIPA, one needs big, juicy hop aromas and flavors. I have heard a few brewers describe what they call "base" or "dominant" or "banger" hops that form the structure and big flavor that the other hops can layer upon. Examples: Citra Mosaic Simcoe Galaxy Strata Nelson Sauvin...
  6. B

    Bottling a Triple NEIPA

    Okay so I've made a Triple 10% New England IPA BIAB as my second brew ever. I know I know I went in at the deep end but go big or go home! I just thought I would keep a record of any change in colour and oxidation on here and if you're interested just follow a long. Ask me any questions! The...
  7. D

    Dry Hopping enough?

    I’ve made a couple neipa’s lately with varying degree of success. But the one thing that seems to be eluding me is getting a strong fruity, juicy, flavour from the dry hopping. I’ve used mosaic, simcoe, citra, azacca (?) and up to 12 oz. in a 5 gallon batch. Also used imperial dry hop yeast and...
  8. N

    NEIPA bottling experiment using Daraform Oxygen Scavenging caps

    I have just bottled my first NEIPA, (6th Feb 2021). I have read a lot about people trying to purge headspace with CO2 and seen all the 'discussion' that occurs as a result. I don't have a keg setup or any smaller means of getting CO2 into my bottle. So I was aiming to try bottling with a very...
  9. oikoeco

    Transfer IPA to Bottling Bucket During Active Fermentation? (oxidation issue)

    Hey y'all! Hear me out on this one and let me know if you think this might help. I've tried to brew 3 IPAs with dry hop additions and each one turned out oxidized. I wouldn't go as far as calling all of these NEIPAs, but they're similar. So far I have followed the general guidelines: 2...
  10. B

    Purging headspace when bottling

    Am about to bottle a NEIPA for the first time and I understand that a lot of people have issues with oxidation. After some reading I'm convinced that purging the headspace after filling the bottle of O2 is a good way of extending the shelf life. I'll be bottle priming as I don't have any kegging...
  11. A

    Haze dropping after a few weeks

    I have been making NEIPA's for a couple years. I've got pretty good at the overall making of it. They usually come out hazy, juicy pretty close to the style. But they all seemingly begin loosing the haze after a 2-3 weeks? They still taste good but the haze just drops. Does anyone have an idea...
  12. M

    neipa hops

    I recently did a NEIPA and It came out decent (better than the past ones) I did have a few thoughts on version 2. Last I mashed at 149. This time I will mash at 155. I feel like i was missing some mouthfeel. Any thoughts on that? Also I added half oz at flameout. of nelson I had not added...
  13. LilYeasty

    First time using A24 imperial yeast- lagging

    Hey guys, First time poster, long timer reader. Thought I would share my NEIPA status. It goes not so great. Been about 25 hours since pitching yeast into about 76-78 degree wort. I quick-cooled it down to 64 by turning fermenter on blast (about 3 hours on). it got down to a good temp and...
  14. P

    NEIPA Fermentation Schedule (Bottling)

    Hi all, Over the weekend I brewed my first all-extract NEIPA, and have a few questions about fermentation I was hoping to get cleared up. As an overview, I made a 2.5 gallon batch and my brew OG was 1.061 (targeted 1.060) and I pitched ~50 billion cells of WLP067. I had airlock activity...
  15. Dem Castles

    Low Oxygen Dry Hop

    Cold crashing now from 90 degrees to 65 degrees over a day or so. Yeast- Omega Hot Head Ale Kveik Here's the dilemma, I was hoping to dry hop using a sight glass/butterfly valve to minimize oxygen exposure. Due to my kegerators height, I would have to move the fermenter out and then do the...
  16. I

    Northern Brewer Chinook IPA (Modified)

    Hey everyone, I'm brand new to homebrewing and decided to purchase the Northern Brewers Homebrew Starter Kit which came with a Chinook IPA kit. I wanted to modify this a little to make it into a hazy/NEIPA style IPA. I decided to replace the Chinook hops with Citra hops and will use LA III 1318...
  17. MvdDonk

    Double NEIPA recipe advice

    I want to brew my first Double New England IPA with three "C-hops": Citra, Columbus and Centennial (because I have these laying around). Normally I brew 20 liters/5 gallons batches but this recipe is for 15 liter/4 gallons. The recipe is inspired on some articles I've read and other recipes. I'm...
  18. Nozomu

    Dealing with hop harshness in neipas

    Hey guys, been trying to brew neipas lately. I finally got the level of hop flavor i wanted, however it's the wrong sort of flavors. It's like just chewing straight into a hop pellet, super harsh and grassy. Can you guys give me any advice on getting fruitiness out of the hops instead?
  19. Nozomu

    Citra Amarillo Motueka Ratio for Neipa

    Thinking of doing a neipa with Citra, Amairllo and Motueka, can anyone give me some idea of what sort of ratio i should go with? Cheers
  20. J

    Keeping Up With Trends: The New England IPA

    Whether "New England Style" (NE style) pale ales and IPAs are in fact new styles are a matter of some debate. While there are breweries outside of New England and even the northeast creating them, the style is most prevalent in New England. What isn't debatable is the impact these beers are...