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  1. P

    NEIPA Fermentation Schedule (Bottling)

    Hi all, Over the weekend I brewed my first all-extract NEIPA, and have a few questions about fermentation I was hoping to get cleared up. As an overview, I made a 2.5 gallon batch and my brew OG was 1.061 (targeted 1.060) and I pitched ~50 billion cells of WLP067. I had airlock activity...
  2. Dem Castles

    Low Oxygen Dry Hop

    Cold crashing now from 90 degrees to 65 degrees over a day or so. Yeast- Omega Hot Head Ale Kveik Here's the dilemma, I was hoping to dry hop using a sight glass/butterfly valve to minimize oxygen exposure. Due to my kegerators height, I would have to move the fermenter out and then do the...
  3. I

    Northern Brewer Chinook IPA (Modified)

    Hey everyone, I'm brand new to homebrewing and decided to purchase the Northern Brewers Homebrew Starter Kit which came with a Chinook IPA kit. I wanted to modify this a little to make it into a hazy/NEIPA style IPA. I decided to replace the Chinook hops with Citra hops and will use LA III 1318...
  4. MvdDonk

    Double NEIPA recipe advice

    I want to brew my first Double New England IPA with three "C-hops": Citra, Columbus and Centennial (because I have these laying around). Normally I brew 20 liters/5 gallons batches but this recipe is for 15 liter/4 gallons. The recipe is inspired on some articles I've read and other recipes. I'm...
  5. Nozomu

    Dealing with hop harshness in neipas

    Hey guys, been trying to brew neipas lately. I finally got the level of hop flavor i wanted, however it's the wrong sort of flavors. It's like just chewing straight into a hop pellet, super harsh and grassy. Can you guys give me any advice on getting fruitiness out of the hops instead?
  6. Nozomu

    Citra Amarillo Motueka Ratio for Neipa

    Thinking of doing a neipa with Citra, Amairllo and Motueka, can anyone give me some idea of what sort of ratio i should go with? Cheers
  7. J

    Keeping Up With Trends: The New England IPA

    Whether "New England Style" (NE style) pale ales and IPAs are in fact new styles are a matter of some debate. While there are breweries outside of New England and even the northeast creating them, the style is most prevalent in New England. What isn't debatable is the impact these beers are...
  8. K

    Low O2 keg transfer issue and help with hop pickup

    I was attempting to do a low oxygen transfer from carboy to keg using my ss racking cane and liquid in through the dip tube. I was even using a BIAB around the cane to avoid excess hop material in the keg when about half way through the transfer, liquid stopped. Tried moving the cane, bag, post...
  9. beervoid

    Tree House / Monkish rounded upfront non-lingering bitterness

    I have been trying to achieve a pronounced bitterness that is upfront on the tongue but does not stick around. Has anyone achieved this? Best example would be Tree House and Monkish beers. I've played with co2 extract, water profiles, ph, different types of bittering hops. Fwh, 60min till wp...
  10. secretlevel

    How to bottle NEIPA (without kegging)

    There's a fair amount of skepticism on various online platforms surrounding NEIPA and being able to bottle it without having a kegging setup. With a little caution and a good process, I've been able to successfully bottle my NEIPA's. I have been able to drink these 2 months after bottling with...
  11. H

    Lotus hops

    Hi all. Couldn't find any info about Lotus hops online from people that actually used them. I got myself a couple pounds of the stuff and made a session neipa with 62% lotus and the rest Mosaic. 5 gal batch in the keg, used a pound of hops total, all in the Whirlpool and dry hop. Grain bill of...
  12. D

    The Quest for the Perfect session NEIPA!

    I have been experimenting for a while now to find a good balance for a seasonable NEIPA. And I will continue doing so. At what ABV would you consider A session NEIPA to be? I'm thinking at least under 5% ABV.
  13. V

    Brewer's Friend Lactose Calculation

    I have two brews right now one using WLP007 and one using RVA Hoptopper both with about a pound of lactose in them each. NEIPA Yeast: RVA Hoptopper (200 Billion Cell Count, 3 weeks from manufacture date), well oxygenated 4.5 Gallon (in fermenter) blended batch Half mashed at 149 F Half mashed...
  14. IslandLizard

    3 Day IPA

    Back in October (2019) I pulled off a little brewing miracle. And one to be repeated, but preferably without the extra pressure of time. Yeah, yeah. A few months before, I had signed up (again) to serve homebrew beer at a fundraising event: The 10th annual Homebrew Extravaganza at Checkerspot...
  15. E

    London Fog Yeast... What next?

    First time poster but long time spectator here. Howdy! So, after a while away from brewing I've just brewed an NEIPA which will be ready for kegging on Tuesday and I've been wondering what to do with the yeast, which is a white labs wlp0066, London fog. My keggerator has room for 3 kegs, so I...
  16. V

    Moving A Fermentor

    So typically when I brew a NEIPA I have either a fridge or CO2 on hand for the transfer / cold crash process but now it is all in my shed (because, you know marriage). I ferment under pressure in converted sankees and need to get one out to the shed to cold crash. There is plenty of CO2 in the...
  17. L

    New England Style IPA issues

    So I have been trying to replicate a NEIPA style beer similar to one that Trillium/Treehouse etc would make. I know there are other threads on this here and I have read most of them several times but they dated/long and hard to follow at times, so I figured it may be time to start a new one...
  18. V

    In Need of Advise (Expedited Time Tables)

    I know, I know - you can't rush good beer. Unless you over commit for a Halloween party.... I brewed a DIPA using K-97 last night for it to be ready to serve in 10 days. Yikes right? Usually for these NEIPA / DIPAs I don't sweat that time frame in a pinch (obviously more time is better). I can...
  19. V

    I Love Nottingham Yeast

    This yeast has a special place in my heart and I wanted to share my experiences with it. I have a "Flag Ship" beer (NEIPA) that I feel has only become this way because of the yeast. EVERY TIME I use it, I can count on it to get started within hours and finish within 3 days (I let it sit for a...
  20. brewpharm Hill

    (NEIPA) Imperial Yeast - Kveiking

    I'm planning first brew with Kveik and decided to go with Imperial yeast's seasonal kveik blend called Kveiking. I'm brewing it in my NEIPA recipe. Other than fermenting warm, not pitching the whole pouch, and this finishing out in a few days does anyone have advice for a first time kveik...