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  1. H

    Recipe help

    So, I'm a super huge fan of Deschutes Fresh Haze NEIPA. Last summer I did some research and found a couple of clone recipes online and based on those, combined with some of my own research on the beer's specs, and playing around with Brewfather, I came up with this: Batch Size : 10 gal Boil...
  2. S

    Thoughts on Pineapple Milkshake NEIPA recipe

    Long story short I am fairly new to brewing. A buddy and I have a few good brews under our belts using all-grain. The last beer I did was a pale ale and my wife liked it but said was too hoppy for her and wanted me to make her something Pineapple. So I scoured lots of other ideas and recipes...
  3. B

    Bottling a Triple NEIPA

    Okay so I've made a Triple 10% New England IPA BIAB as my second brew ever. I know I know I went in at the deep end but go big or go home! I just thought I would keep a record of any change in colour and oxidation on here and if you're interested just follow a long. Ask me any questions! The...
  4. M

    neipa hops

    I recently did a NEIPA and It came out decent (better than the past ones) I did have a few thoughts on version 2. Last I mashed at 149. This time I will mash at 155. I feel like i was missing some mouthfeel. Any thoughts on that? Also I added half oz at flameout. of nelson I had not added...
  5. MvdDonk

    Double NEIPA recipe advice

    I want to brew my first Double New England IPA with three "C-hops": Citra, Columbus and Centennial (because I have these laying around). Normally I brew 20 liters/5 gallons batches but this recipe is for 15 liter/4 gallons. The recipe is inspired on some articles I've read and other recipes. I'm...
  6. J

    Keeping Up With Trends: The New England IPA

    Whether "New England Style" (NE style) pale ales and IPAs are in fact new styles are a matter of some debate. While there are breweries outside of New England and even the northeast creating them, the style is most prevalent in New England. What isn't debatable is the impact these beers are...