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  1. BrewersVocation

    For Sale 15 Gallon Kettle SS Brewtech $200 w/Shipping

    Will ship for free. Venmo / PayPal FF
  2. BrewersVocation

    Sold Prototype? SS Brewtech Valve Tree $250 w/Shipping

    Got this in a lot that I bought. I can't find it on SS Brewtechs website. It's a mix between the stand alone valve Tree and the valve Tree for the brewbox. $250, free shipping. Venmo/PayPal FF
  3. BrewersVocation

    For Sale Blichmann Anvil Foundry 18 Gallon I'm

    Blichmann Foundry 18 gallon Brew System $700 Riptide Pump $200 Hop Rocket $150 Blichmann Therminator $200 All are converted to Quick Disconnect with 1/2" Silicon Tubing. All from Brew Hardware - $250 Hop Spider - $20 Brew in a Bag-Bag $50 Tri-clamp / Quick Connect Circulation - $30 Everything...
  4. Hoppy2bmerry

    What are the "must visit" breweries in Omaha?

    Calling out to Husker Nation, for your best and favorite brewery or beer bar in and around Omaha. I'll be traveling in a few weeks, and it's great to see craft becoming popular, there. (my last visit about 6 years ago, not much was going on) Thanks in advance!