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  1. Wicked_ferment

    NE IPA with Belgian Trappist yeast

    I recently embarked on an adventure to design a series of NE IPA recipes using different ale yeasts (e.g. English, Kviek, Saison, Hefe, Trappist..). I want to have each beer target a unique SRM and fruit flavor to match. In the case of Trappist, I want a darker beer, near black, color with lots...
  2. J

    Nervous Newbie... NE IPA and hop burn

    Hello Everyone... about 8 days ago I cooked up a batch of NE IPA. The entire process went off without a hitch following the recipe. I did make 1 error in dry-hopping. Instead of waiting until signs of active fermentation I dropped the first batch of hops into the barrel at the same time I...
  3. C

    Lets get real about dry hopping

    First off, hey fellow homebrewers. I'm asking this question because I've been pondering it for years. I have been brewing more then 12 years, all grain, love everything about it. Batch per week average. My favorite beers have recently become NE IPAs, no surprise. I had a chance to drink many of...
  4. lorne17

    What Yeast for Fruit Bazooka NEIPA?

    Hello there, I'm very tempted to try this recipe, however I'm not sure when I'll be able to brew. Because of this I usually get dry Safele Yeast so it lasts longer. Do you recommend I do dry yeast or get one of the yeasts listed for $10...
  5. Andrew Hodgson

    Fruit Bazooka NEIPA NB Extract Kit

    I just saw that Northern Brewer added an extract kit for a NE IPA here. I am interested in giving this kit a try, 53$ is a lot but I'd like to use it as a baseline to understand how limited I am at making the NE IPA style. Can I reproduce a complex style to satisfaction with a pre-made kit? I...
  6. crusader1612

    Raspberry, Vanilla, Coconut & Chocolate with hops

    I recently judged my first BJCP competition over here in NZ, and we came across what was called a "Jellytip Stout" (In New Zealand a Jelly tip is an icecream on a stick using coconut/vanilla icecream as the main base, with a raspberry jelly top section, and covered in chocolate). google if if...
  7. M

    NE IPA Recipe Critique

    So I'm in a bit of a pinch and doing some partial mash brews. I'm jumping on the haze craze and trying to do this juicy IPA thing. .5 oz flaked oats .5 oz toasted wheat 1 oz pale 2-row Steep specialty grains 20 mins Distilled water with equal parts chloride and sulfate (????????) not exactly...
  8. lorne17

    When to Dry Hop a NE Hazy IPA? Filter or not?

    I am waiting for my HomeBrew Supply Tropical Haze NE IPA ( I have never done an IPA with this many hops before and I can’t freaking wait. I’m curious though what you recommend I do for all the hopping stages: 1...