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  1. jgmillr1

    Equipment sources for 1.5bbl nano-brewery

    I'm exploring setting up a nano-brewery in my local town. I figure we would start out small scale with equipment sized at about the 1.5bbl level. As the operation grows over time, then this equipment could eventually become either backup or be used for experimental runs. But it seems that this...
  2. S

    Washington Brew stand Heavy Duty

    This is a 3 position brewing stand. It currently has one burner installed. It is all tube steel that is completely welded. There are 4 locking heavy duty castors for easily moving around. It is unpainted, with just some surface rust that can be buffed off. Ready to be painted or powder coated to...
  3. stouttanksandkettles


    Many brewers are buying 1 bbl pilot systems right now. But not all pilot systems are created equal. We packed our 1 bbl Pilot Pro with as many professional grade features as we could fit, and built the system with the same high standards for quality we use in all of our larger brewing systems...
  4. BrewinVT

    Less than three weeks to save $100 on NanoCon registration!

    The Nano segment of craft brewing is growing fast with the majority of new breweries opening up falling into this small-scale, hyper-local segment working on brewing systems 5 barrels or under. But often this Nano niche can’t relate to current educational events for the pro brewing industry...
  5. jaybowbeer

    Sabco Brewmagic Nano-Brewery - Dallas, Tx.

    -1 Sabco Brewmagic 10 gallon brew house with tri-clamp connectors. Includes electric conversion kit with separate boil kettle and march pump. -Rapids four tap stainless steel keg dispenser (fits 12 Cornelius kegs). -20 used Cornelius kegs (2 need repair) -4 Big Mouth Bubblers with lids (2...
  6. S

    SABCO V350MS, Chill Wizard & 3 Fermenters for sale - Florida

    Used SABCO Brewmagic V350MS system, maybe 15 batches over 5 years. This is way more system than I need so it's time to let someone else use it. 1 Brew-Magic V350MS Brewing System ( Propane / 110 Volt ) 1 Chill-Wizard System ( 110 Volt ) 3 Brew-Magic Fermenter (...