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  1. Cool_Hand_Luke

    Fermentis Safbrew LA-01 Recipe Testing - Low Alcohol

    OK, so it seems that there has been some interest in this yeast, but without the availability of smaller quantities, a limited number of folks that have been able to try and test it. I was also having trouble even finding it in 500g quantities here in the United States. In any case, I've ordered...
  2. Voggy01

    NA Beer

    I want to brew a really good NA IPA for my pregnant wife (we have not found a good hoppy NA beer to purchase). After doing some research, I have confirmed that it is as simple as I expected. Brew beer, ferment, cook off alcohol which boils at 173-ish. Articles have said 30 min should be...
  3. S

    Why is NA Beer more bitter than normal?

    I'm considering doing some NA Beer because I love the flavor of good malts and I want to drink more beer, but can't be drunk all day, alas. I'm considering wort soda, too. I've read that heating up your beer to 170 degrees to evaporate the alcohol results in a strong increase in the bitterness...