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  1. Trey Ark

    White Spider Web-like wisps in Wine

    I froze my grapes and berries whenever I had extra left when I would routine grocery shop. Mashed them, pressed them, and put it into a 1-gallon carboy. I put in 1.5 Campden tablets in. Rather be a little over sterilized then vice versa with the potential of them harboring any of the crap nearby...
  2. thisissami

    Ruh-roh... growth on my blackberries =/ Best steps to move forward?

    Hi All - looks like I've made a serious mistake by not stirring the blackberries after I closed the lid on the primary fermentor (I had a towel for the first 5-6 days and was stirring the blackberries 1-2 times a day in that period). It's been 2 days since I last stirred, and I just opened the...
  3. B

    Topping off heads space after primary

    So I just finished primary on a few carboys of cider (6 gallon, 5 gallon, and 3 gallon). They have fermented to dryness and I am ready to rack into new vessels. My only problem is that being so excited to begin fermenting cider, we used up all of our must to make as much as possible and...