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  1. whatstyleguidelines

    Lots of Munich/Vienna vs a little Aromatic/Melanoidin/Dark Munich

    I've noticed that recipes for "off-pale" to light amber (generally pilsner-malt based) beers often boost malty flavors in one of two ways: 1) a reasonable portion of Vienna, Munich, or even Pale Ale malt, in the 10-20% range (like using some Munich in a helles, or 2) a very small proportion of a...
  2. X

    First Recipe, need critique Winter Warmer

    Morning! This is the first recipe that I built completely from the ground up and would like some advice. I am going for a Winter Warmer style that has a deep red to mahogany color, so not entirely black. Flavor should have some malt sweetness with caramel and raisin notes as well as some...
  3. H

    Hello, Maltster from Alberta Here to Help

    I was quite surprised to find a fair amount of misleading information on malt and malt production. Figured I would hop on and chime in where ever I can. If you guys have questions on malt production, I would like to offer my expertise and provide you home maltsters with the information that you...
  4. BrewingAroundtheRrealm

    (M)Oktoberfest – Brewing an Oktoberfest Ale with Wyeast 1007

    I can't ferment a lager but I can make an Oktoberfest inspired ale. I took a traditional Marzen recipe and used Wyeast German Ale 1007. It turned out great. Has anyone else tried doing this? Full details with the recipe beerXML file are available on my website...
  5. BrewingAroundtheRrealm

    Bringing all of the Hops to the table - Brewing an IPA with all of the hop varieties in the freezer

    I've collected several bulk hops purchases over the last few months. Wanting to use them in something I brewed up an IPA with what I had left. Including a hopshot that I've never used before. The recipe and recipe and full details are available on my website...
  6. Ridonkulous05

    Will this work?: Simplified.

    All, 10 gal. Grain bill: (all German Weyermann malts): 8.8 Lbs. (4 kg) Munich malt 8.8 Lbs. (4 kg) Wheat malt, Dark 4.4 Lbs. (2 kg) Rye malt (for a zesty, rye 'zing', but also may provide enzymatic help... question below...) 2.2 Lbs. (1 kg) Caramel Wheat malt Q#1: Will this mix...
  7. Ridonkulous05

    AG: Dunkelweizen mashing and Tips, and Are Rye and Munich malts strong enough?

    Homies, Brewers, and Talkers, I am greedy, and I therefore have bunch of questions for the experienced brewers here on the forum: First, I have assembled the necessary goods for a 10 gal. batch of Dunkelweizen (I think). Here's the grain bill: (all German Weyermann malts)...