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  1. DanInSydney

    How to improve mouthfeel prior to bottle conditioning?

    Hi all. This is my first time brewing (and posting)! I used a Morgan’s Australian Bitter Wort extract/yeast pack and added 1kg enhancer to the mix, as per the instructions. I’ve left it for 2 weeks, which is much longer than the 5 days recommended on the can so I could get to a stable final...
  2. 6thGoal

    Stout Mouthfeel

    You can see some of the details at This was a More Beer kit of their Bearded Stout that I screwed up but still came out as the best batch of beer I’ve brewed. The in negative I’ve heard, the mouthfeel is thin. Maybe if I followed the directions...
  3. H

    Oat Bran

    Hi all. I recently read that oat bran has 50% more b glucans than flakes and more protein as well. So I found a dealer online and ordered a kilo to try. I checked it out and it states to have 18% protein, much more compared to the 13.5% on flakes. Has anyone else tried using them for enhancing...
  4. beervoid

    Kettle finings and the effect on mouthfeel. A little vs a lot.

    Hello everyone, I'm wondering if anyone has ever noticed any substantial difference in mouthfeel when brewing a high adjunct (oat, wheat) beer when using whirlfloc or irish moss in the kettle. I was also wondering if using very little whirlfloc would drop out less proteins. Cheers