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  1. M

    FV surface layer - mould or wild yeast bacteria?

    Hi all I’ve had a couple of brews sitting in the fermenters while I was away on holidays. Fermentation started 4 April and each finished around 20 April. Before I left I’d dumped the trub, removed the spent dry hop bags, and set both FV’s to maintain 6 deg to kill fermentation while I was away...
  2. mok_z

    Uh oh! Mould on outside rim of my fermenter!

    First off, I'd like to say I try to meticulous as I can with my sanitation. But I've just discovered a problem, when adding finings to my beer I'm due to bottle tomorrow... I opened up the rim of the fermenter, which itself has been confined to a fastferment jacket, for the first time since...
  3. K

    Do my scobies have mould?

    Greetings friends, I have 2 bottles containing scobies which I last fed with green tea in October 2020 but kept them (scoby hotel) in a dark container and today (1 June 2021), I finally took them out wanting to make a fresh batch of Kombucha, however I noticed that on the top layer of both...
  4. S

    First time - is this mould?

    Hey, So I’m 6 days into my first ever Kombucha fermentation and I thought I’d sneak a peak under the cloth today to see how it’s shaping up, and I think that mould might be forming on the surface (but I’m not sure...) There are about 6 white circles that look at bit furry - is this mould? Or...
  5. N

    What's this floating on my wort?

    Hi all, I'm relatively new to home brewing beer and have been experimenting with kitchen brewing using grain and spray malts. To save a bit of time on my latest brew I decided to try an extract kit. This came with spray malt and hop extract, which (according to the instructions) just required...
  6. Boylan

    Mould On Top of Brew - SCOBY On Bottom

    Hi all, Made my first batch and, needless to say, got some mould on top of it after a week or so. It's been a bit cooler here in the UK and I also don't think I used quite enough sugar in my brew. My question is: My SCOBY sank to the bottom (I put it in when all was cool), and has not floated...
  7. Spruc3Moos3

    Homebrew mead has got mould, can I save this?

    Hi Sorry I know this question has been started a few times by other members but it didnt seem to fit my problem. This is the first time I've tried making mead and I've checked it after 10 days (stirred it twice a day for the first 2) and there is white and green mould floating on the top. Do...