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  1. H

    Saison + Kveik Delay Pitch

    Been doing many beers with Kveik yeast lately, specifically been using what was previously "Eastern WA Kveik Blend" from Imperial and is now available as the seasonal "Kveiking." VLike the blend a lot; been using about 1 tsp of slurry per 5.5 gal batch and fermenting ~95-98F. This beer is...
  2. TechFanMD

    BRUT IPA: What is your favorite aroma hop?

    I brewed the below recipe for Brut IPA. I really love this beer, and how it showcases an extraordinarily bright hop aroma. I used Mosaic, which some don't care for....and which I can see myself tiring of quickly. I can also see where people get a 'cat pee' essence from it. Because this is...
  3. Kris Brew

    First Recipe, Brewing Tomorrow - Thoughts?

    Hi all, Just want some opinions really... i have never created a recipe before and thought i would have a go! https://www.brewersfriend.com/homebrew/recipe/view/734913/fruity-monoca That's what i have come up with based on the ingredients i have, opinions?
  4. PeteSeattle

    Bale Breaker Top Cutter IPA Recipe

    Hi Folks, I’m planning my next few brews. While sipping on some Bale Breaker Top Cutter I decided to search for its recipe. Thanks to BYO there’s a recipe. (Let me know If the link doesn’t work) It would be fun to have others join in recreating this. OR have folks chime in if you have made...
  5. H

    Beginner 1 gallon/5L Mosaic SMASH IPA

    Hey guys, I am new to brewing. I have brewed one IPA before from a recipe pack but this time I wanted to do a smash because I want to learn the flavors of the hops and malts that go in it. As this is a experiment I wanted to do a small batch so if it does not turn out good I wont be too sad...
  6. Rik van den berg

    Am i maximizing the potential of these hops?

    I brewed a NE (or double) IPA that came out really good. This one was done with partial mash and extract and was the 4th beer i brewed. This was also the first beer i brewed with my own hop bill. I'd like to try this one again with my own all grain bill and using the lessons i learnt but because...