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  1. T


    Hey everyone! I was recently brewing a batch of seltzer water (not fermented tea, but close) and I saw a weird growth pop up. It showed up on about day 3 of fermentation in primary. I thought it might be mold, but low and behold, within a couple of days, it turned into just a residue on the...
  2. P

    Mold on ten day perry brew

    it smells like normal cider now, its bubbling but looks like small specks of white\green mold. What should i do?
  3. M

    Mold on the top? all good?

    day 14 fermentaion coopers lager
  4. Rob M

    White green stuff on carboy walls

    Racked a rye pale ale last night (controlled fermentation chamber and cold crashed 3 days) and found this stuff behind on the carboy and attached to the auto siphon. I can't find any other example like this stuff. Btw...smelled 'ok' but dry hopped at 4 days with Mosaic/Amarillo so may have...