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  1. Nate R

    Any opinions on the looks of the grain crush?

    Hello all. I could not find a current thread on this so forgive me if this an errant new post. I have a monster mill 3 (not pro) using a low rpm 2" drill- i can vary the rpm. I try to keep it around 160-200 rpm (by sound/look- nothing scientific). I do brew in a bag (using an arbor fab 600...
  2. Tobor_8thMan

    Problem with MM3

    Used my MM3 for the second time today and ran into a problem. Was turning the mill by hand and with about 6 pounds of pils malt to go the mill stops milling. Around and around the mill handle goes, but nothing is being milled. Dump the unmilled pils malt into a clean container. Examine the...
  3. W

    Troubles assembling Monster Mill MM3

    I just received an MM3 and set to assembling it. Assembly was much more difficult than I expected, even when following the suggestions of mounting the side plates to the base one at a time. I have two resultant questions and curious if anyone could offer some opinions. Getting the mill...