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  1. F

    For Sale Cooler All - Grain setup and other equipment

    Almost everything you need to move from extract to all-grain. Cooler MLT w/ false bottom and sparge arm Cooler HLT Steelhead transfer pump (plus a 2nd which needs some wiring repair) Copper coil chiller Four (4) corny kegs Three (3) PET carboys One (1) glass carboy Two stage temp controller...
  2. P

    Growing Out of BIAB: Reasons to Consider An MLT

    Moving from extract brewing to all-grain can be like earning a badge of honor in home brewing. Many who started extract brewing have never seen the need to expand into more complicated or exacting recipes, nor have needed that jump to be fair, as many award winning brews are extract-based (or at...
  3. Kinggolf83

    Single Tier HERMS System

    I started brewing about eight years ago when my wife surprised me with a Mr. Beer kit. I made some passable beers and some that were plain awful. I enjoyed the hobby but really did not enjoy my beer as much as what I could buy at the market. So I put Mr. Beer in the back closet and continued...
  4. U

    MLT Deadspace for Beersmith

    Hey all, my apologies if this has been asked a bunch but I can not seem to find an answer for the life of me. We brew all grain and just recently purchased the 15 Gallon MLT from MoreBeer with the false bottom. I measured the deadspace below the false bottom and it is approximately 2 gallons...
  5. nicadrick

    Coleman extreme cooler MLT

    I have a 70qt cooler mlt that I have only used for 6 gallon batches. I am curious how much grain I can put in and still have room to sparge. I typically brew 1.060 brews and get about 65% efficiency from my copper manifold.
  6. trasky

    Building MLT - what type of bottom?

    Looking for some insight on what people feel would be the best way to go for a newbie building an MLT? 5 gallon/10 gallon False bottom or ss mesh?