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  1. krumb

    Mississippi Grainfather Connect

    Selling my Grainfather that includes the Connect Bluetooth controller. $450 In great working condition and well taken care of. Chiller connection was altered to use with another system - the fitting was saved and can easily be returned to previous condition. Local to Jackson area. Not...
  2. D

    Mississippi Picayune, Ms. Home Brew

    Just curious if there are any Picayune and surrounding area home brewers that might be wanting to start a home brew club? The closest clubs that I can find on the NHA website are either in Hattiesburg or on the coast. I'd be willing to do the coordinating and organization (If no one else is...
  3. otownpyle

    What's up from Mississippi!

    What's brewing guys? I'm a new homebrewer in the state of MS. Yes it's technically illegal here but there are loads of folks that brew here since the state caps the beer we can buy commercially at 5% abw / 6%abv ... AKA 90% of the world's beers are not sold here... Bunch of b.s... I'm currently...