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  1. S

    Sparkling Mojito Wine Kilju Recipe ver 1.0

    Hi guys. I want to make Mojito sparkling Wine/Kilju using mint leaves and lime(s). I want original gravity to be 1.110 to yield 12-14% ABV. At the end i will make it sparkling wine and bottle it. How much sugar in grams/oz/lbs would i need to achive this in 1gal of water? I've tried formula...
  2. D

    Cucumber mint saison recipe—help?

    Given that summertime is upon us, i have decided to throw together a nice refreshing saison, but seeing as I have never made my own before, I would like some help with the recipe(also any opinions or suggestions are very welcomed). I am putting together a cucumber mint saison. Here is the...
  3. Delkins687

    Cold to the taste

    hey guys i'm new to brewing and i am just finishing up my first elderberry wine in memory of my grandpa, and i had an interesting idea for my next project. So once a week my friends and i get together and play d&d. In one of our sessions my character was the last person standing to going head...