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  1. J

    First Potentially Infected Beer

    Hello, I am new to home brewing with 2 successful batches under my belt. I recently brewed a Neapolitan Stout kit from MoreBeer ( - KT HERE...
  2. tateconcepts

    PicoBrew PicoPak Brewing - General Discussion

    I was reading across this forum and found that several members continued to reference a Facebook group page for discussion on the PicoBrew system. The purpose of this thread and discussion is not of the PicoBrew itself (nor any marketing/PR), but of the PicoPaks available by microbreweries and...
  3. FenoMeno

    Length of Thermometer probe for concial

    I have a minibrew 15 conical and looking to purchase a thermometer for it. I see many different probe length's and wondering which is most appropriate for fermenting in the plastic conical. The minibrew website has one with 4 inch probe, but it does not list the brand. the face of the...