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  1. G

    Failing to force carbonate kombucha in minikeg

    First time here trying to force-carbonate my Kombucha in a minikeg (grolwer-werks 1 gallon). It comes with a 16gr co2 cartridge which they say should be enough to force carbonated the 1Gallon at 12 psi, in 2-3 days, and last through serving it. I followed the instruction, left it at 12 psi in...
  2. Emmanuez

    16 gram CO2 cart. recommendations?

    Hello, fellow home brewers. Any brand suggestions for 16 gram, THREADED, food grade CO2 cartridges for a mini keg? I keep seeing some on Amazon for inflating bike tires that say they’re food grade but people in the comments say they are not, so I’m a little confused. Any recommendations will be...
  3. Logo06

    Kegging and Camping

    Hi I am planning summer holidays which entails 3 weeks camping in late December (I'm in New Zealand). I currently have a standard 19l corny keg set up, and am planning to take 2 kegs with me. Ill chill and force carbonate prior to going, the issue is I don't have access to power at the camp...