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  1. U

    Best water for a hoppy lager

    Hello all! I am brand new to home brewing beer (just got my set up in December and have only bottled 6 batches so far), so be kind if my question is silly. I love dark beers and IPAs and had been reading up on the neurotic quest for a lovely mineral'd water for a perfect ale. I'm very lucky that...
  2. frankvw

    Trying to understand Bru'n Water - More minerals = lower pH??

    I'm wanting to brew a Belgian dubbel using the water profile for Antwerp embedded in Bru'n water. I have entered the details for my local water from the lab's water report: Calcium as Ca+ 23.25 Magnesium as Mg+ 8.75 Sodium as Na+ 17.70 Sulphate as SO42- 18.25 Chloride as Cl- 26.2 Total...
  3. G

    Unbalanced water profile with Brun water excel tool

    Hi ! I've just filled the water report input with the values given from my town. I've checked several times and I'm sure that these are correct. However Brun water tool is saying that it's unbalanced. Any clues ? Also how would you treat a water with such a high amount of sodium and chloride...
  4. Andrew Hodgson

    Water Recommendations

    I have a couple brews under my belt and like many homebrewers have turned my attention to my water source. I started using extract and our city tap water and since switching to BIAB wanted to up my water game also. I went to my LHBS looking for Campden to at the very least remove the...
  5. Nate R

    Using Distilled Water (PH Neutral) to brew- what minerals would you add? Is there any benefit?

    Hello all. Just started BIAB with my Brewie. I was using Cyrstal Gyser Spring Water- but have been reading a lot about water quality. Is there any benefit to starting with distilled water and adding minerals? Would this create a consistent water quality? Has anyone tried this for Ales? For...