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  1. jayjay

    Need quick advice adjuncts effect on priming sugar quantity

    Hi I am about to bottle my first milk stout in which i will be adding a tincture of roasted cacao nibs and vanilla beans to the bottling bucket right before bottling. However i am in doubt as to whether the sugar contents of the adjuncts would mess up the usual priming sugar quantity and...
  2. abdominousabel

    My Mash Tun for a 3gal batch?

    So I switched to all grain brewing and I made a 15gal mash tun out of a wheeled square cooler because I want to have the potential to make 10gal batches. The other day I tasted a milk stout and loved it! So now I wanna make a 2.5gal keg of it. So that would be a ~4gal boil. Can I use my mash...
  3. abdominousabel

    Lactose for milk stout

    So right when I was ready to give up on stouts. I tried Guinness dry stout, a peanut butter milk stout (too overwhelming in my opinion) I didn’t want to be spending money on beers I’m forcing myself to like (because I want to like at least one beer per style). I found Garage brewery Marshmallow...