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  1. delcosansgluten

    Impermanence Clone

    Given how happy I was with the Human Condition clone I made, I want to try and make another TH stout I fondly remember. Here is how TH describes the flavor: On youtube, while not a gluten free brewer, i like the way this guy describes...
  2. 43North

    Adding Bourbon At bottling?

    I’m going to bottle of milk stout in about a week and I’m wondering about adding bourbon to give the beer a poor man‘s attempt at bourbon barrel aging? Has anybody tried this at bottling? if it’s possible to add bourbon just before I bottle do I have to worry about adding less or more bottling...
  3. G

    First Milk Stout, Do I clarify?

    Hi all, This is my first time brewing a Milk Stout, therefore using Lactose. Is it wise to clarify this brew (Gelatin), or will I end up removing the Lactose?
  4. V

    Brewer's Friend Lactose Calculation

    I have two brews right now one using WLP007 and one using RVA Hoptopper both with about a pound of lactose in them each. NEIPA Yeast: RVA Hoptopper (200 Billion Cell Count, 3 weeks from manufacture date), well oxygenated 4.5 Gallon (in fermenter) blended batch Half mashed at 149 F Half mashed...
  5. K

    Milk Stout without Chocolate Malt

    I am preparing to brew a batch of a Left Hand Milk Stout Clone. The grain bill calls for 12oz of chocolate malt but I just realized my LHBS didn't put any chocolate malt in my grain bag. Unfortunately, I am at my parents house for the holidays and the closest LHBS is 30 minutes away. Should I...
  6. A

    Critique my Vanilla Milk Stout recipe please

    Type: All Grain IBU : 25 (Tinseth) Color : 64 EBC Carbonation : 2 CO2-vol Pre-Boil Gravity : 1.036 Original Gravity : 1.045 Final Gravity : 1.012 Grainfather Batch Size : 23 L Boil Time : 60 min Brewhouse Efficiency: 72% Mash Efficiency : 75.1% Fermentables (4.47 kg) 2.42 kg - Pale Ale - DE...
  7. Gallagher1424

    Imperial Pumpkin Milk Stout Critique

    This is my first time making a milk stout, and using pumpkin. I'm not sure what to expect if this will end up being too sickeningly sweet or if it will hit the money just being slightly sweet. Anyone out there make something similar in the past? (I plan to roast the pumpkin first and then put...
  8. J

    My cherry chocolate milk stout no good?

    This is my 4th home brew. I decided to get creative.... I got the 1 gal chocolate milk stout kit from craftabrew I decided to add 1lb of cherry puree to 5 min left of boil. Og was 1.070 Fg was 1.030 I let it ferment for 3 weeks. I soaked the nibs in 3 oz of vodka for 5 days. Then added after...
  9. NYShooterGuy

    S-05 Krausen still present?!

    5 gallon Milk stout made on 10/24/2018. Lagered in garage with temps ranging from 54-42°F for 3 weeks. Moved to inside home with temps ranging from 60-67°F (I like my home cool) about 10 days ago. Went to bottle today, and found Krausen still afloat. OG: 1.055. Today's SG: 1.018. Obviously I...
  10. D

    Coco nibs

    Hi everyone, I have a 6gal milk stout currently fermenting this Saturday 05/19/18 will be a week. I want to add coco nibs that i bought sealed from my local brew store, I want to add it to my stout when i secondary it in a week but i have a few questions 1st question: I was reading that people...
  11. Alex Dick

    Milk Stout Gravity Stuck (4 weeks into Fermentation)

    I’m making an all-grain Left Hand Milk Stout clone and my gravity has been stuck @ 1.030 for the last 2 weeks, it’s already been fermenting for 2 weeks prior to that (4 weeks total). The recipe has the Final Gravity stationed @ 1.016, I used a different type of yeast then I usually do (I used...