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  1. Waunabeer

    Complete 15 gal. Brewery Setup

    I am selling my 15 gal. natural gas all grain brewing system. Included is: (1) 15 gal. Megapot Boil kettle with jaybird false bottom, thermometer, ball valve, whirlpool port ($175) (1) 15 gal. HLT with sight glass, thermometer and ball valve ($125) (2) Blichmann burners with leg extensions...
  2. GeorgeH

    2010 Ann Arbor Brews Crews Competition (May 22, 2010)

    A BJCP/AHA sanctioned event sponsored by Arbor Brewing Company, Ann Arbor, MI Beer Best-of-show grand prize includes the opportunity to brew your beer on the ABC house system, to be served on tap at the pub. New for 2010:Meads and Ciders with a special BOS prize just for these categories...
  3. GeorgeH

    Call for Support from Michigan Homebrewers

    If you're a Michigan resident you should contact your state rep to tell them you support House Bill 5613. It will make it legal to have homebrew club meetings and competitions in brew pubs and microbreweries. This was posted to my homebrew club's mailing list: