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  1. Tadeusz Leliwa

    To boil the spices or to add them into the demijohn?

    What do people do with their methyglins? I made a Christmas one where I boiled all the spices and then tried to sieve them out before pouring the liquid into the demijohn. One of the elements of the receipt was 50g of cloves, but I noticed that some receipts online suggest just adding cloves...
  2. 2ndGenBrewer

    Rose hip Melomel/Metheglin

    Rose Hip Melomel/Metheglin 4 gallons water 1 lb of dried Rose hips 1 tbsp of lemon juice 1/2 oz of Irish moss 1 tsp of LD Carlson yeast nutrient Lavin 71B-1122 15 lb of Ambrosia clover honey (from the west slope of Colorado) I boiled the rose hips for about 30 minutes, removed from...