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  1. M

    Infection after 2weeks in bottles?

    At least two batches taste great at bottling day and develop "off flavours" after 2 week of bottle conditioning. I brewed pinapple ipa and raspberry philly sour. All tasted great from the FV. Added fruit in the end of fermentation. At bottling day both tasted fine. After 5 days in bottles i...
  2. 43North

    Metallic taste stout

    My very first batch was an extract imperial Stout, the DME came in cans that I had to warm up. I open the cans but left the lid on so I could rinse some of that extract off the lid as well. On my last can the lid came off the canned and dropped in the pot. I tried to retrieve it but I thought...
  3. G

    Beer faucet internal rust?

    Hello everyone, I recently noticed a metallic taste in my kegged beer. For good measure i took apart my beer faucet with ball lock disconnect and noticed that there what looks like rust has appeared inside the faucet. I soaked and cleaned with PBW but it looks like it is still there. What does...
  4. NotSoModernMan

    Metallic Taste in all beer in new keezer

    So I built a new keezer with four taps. Used stainless steel shanks, peerless faucets, a new Kegco secondary regulator with 4 gauges, red food grade pvc gas hose, 3/16” ID ultra barrier silver beverage line hooked up to 10lb food grade C02 bottle (newly acquired from Airgas) I moved 2 kegs...