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  1. N

    15 Gallon Complete Brew Rig $550

    I am selling my single tier 3 kettle brew rig. All vessels have quick connects and temperature gauges. Mash tun and boil kettle have false bottoms. I will also include a 15 gallon brew bag for easy clean up. Each vessel has a Bg14 burner for quick boils. I made a custom propane manifold that...
  2. S

    Illinois Stout Tanks 20G HLT + 20G Mash Tun, Blichmann 15G Mash Tun

    NW suburbs. Blichmann: 15 Gallon Mash Tun, Bottom Outlet. Includes dip tube, false bottom, lid, ball valve, sight glass and thermometer. Asking $200. Stout Tanks and Kettles: 20 Gallon Hot Liquor Tank (with HERMS Coil and Sight Glass)...
  3. M

    Colorado Blichmann 10gal Mash Tun w/ autosparge - $300

    Blichmann 10gal Mash Tun w/ autosparge $300 Pick up: Littleton CO Shipping: you can estimate the cost 15in x 15in x 20in box at 20lbs from 80127 The following features are standard Blichmann Boilermaker: • 18 gauge 304 stainless steel construction • Adjustable angle BrewMometer • Borosilicate...
  4. Chris Levesque

    Air coming out of Mashtun during Vorlauf

    I recently was given a sparge arm and started using it. My last 3 batches I've used it on I've noticed a fair amount of air coming out the output of my mashtun. I checked and I don't have a ball valve with an air hole in it and I'm using camlocks to secure my hoses. When I first turn the pump...
  5. D

    Georgia Blichmann G1 15G Mashtun w/ Autosparge

    Blichmann G1 15G Mashtun w/autosparge Parting out system. Everything for sale. Make Offer. Text to 4044028836 Dave Asking $400 + shipping or Best Offer Dave