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  1. R

    For Sale $2000 - Ss Brewtech 10 gallon electric HERMS homebrew system (SoCal)

    Full hot side electric brew system for sale. Everything purchased together -$2000 Prices listed below if interested in buying items individually. What’s included: Ss Brewtech eController 2V $800 (2) 10 gal Ss eKettles - 1 for HLT with HERMS coil - 1 for boil kettle w/ whirlpool and hop...
  2. WhoDatDad78

    For Sale North dallas brewing equipment

    Kettles, mashtun, propane burner, counterflow chiller, temp control, glass and plastic fermenters of various sizes, stir plate, pump, fold up stand, immersion chiller, taps, kegs, ph meter, kegs, taps, tap handles. Celina, TX Everything works perfectly, just need it gone, I don't brew anymore...
  3. J

    For Sale Downsizing and cleaning house

    I'm looking to simplify/downsize my setup and have the following for sale. Everything in great condition but not used in a while. Located in Philadelphia, PA. Local pickup only. 20 Gallon Stout Tanks brew kettle (DEP-BK20TW-TI-SG-EL1) - asking $500 Stout doesn't have the exact model on...
  4. R

    For Sale SS Brewtech 10 Gallon Mash Tun - Worcester, MA

    Looking to sell my 10 Gallon SS Brewtech Mash Tun. Still in great condition and has been well cared for. I have both the NPT and TC ball valves available for this, you can choose either one you like. (Can’t have both though, I need to keep at least one!) This has the side port already...
  5. W

    For Sale All Grain Equipment For Sale in Charlotte, NC Area

    All-grain homebrew equipment for sale. $600 for everything, individual pricing below. Hand built, goof quality equipment. If you built this now, it would cost over $1200. This system served me well for years...ran above 75-80% efficiency. Everything brass, glass, copper, or stainless except for...
  6. N

    For Sale Speidel 7.9g, MT/HLT Cooler Style, Ultimate Sparge Arm and Monster Mill

    I have the following items for sale: 3ea 7.9g Speidel Fermenters $45ea Monster Mill 3 rollers $150 More Beer MT/HLT $150 More Beer Ultimate Sparge Arm $75 I'm located in Southern California near Corona. P/U is best, but if it is something I can ship, I'll do that (on your dime).
  7. S

    Wisconsin HLT/Mashtun/Keggle - $50

    Clearing out some equipment that I haven't used recently. This is a keggle fitted with a weldless ball valve and sightglass. I used it as a HLT, but changing out the fitting it can easily be used as a mashtun. It has a tri clamp on the ball valve. Worked great for me, but I just don't use...
  8. Bob Mar

    Complete Homebrew Set Up - SS Brew Stand and all major equipment

    Custom Stainless Steel Brew Stand Welded Stainless Steel custom fabricated brew stand with 3 burners, regulator set for liquid propane usage. Banjo style burners, Bayou Classic - high pressure cast iron burner BG10. 4 heavy-duty locking casters built to last. Brewstand only...
  9. N

    15 Gallon Complete Brew Rig $550

    I am selling my single tier 3 kettle brew rig. All vessels have quick connects and temperature gauges. Mash tun and boil kettle have false bottoms. I will also include a 15 gallon brew bag for easy clean up. Each vessel has a Bg14 burner for quick boils. I made a custom propane manifold that...
  10. S

    Illinois Stout Tanks 20G HLT + 20G Mash Tun, Blichmann 15G Mash Tun

    NW suburbs. Blichmann: 15 Gallon Mash Tun, Bottom Outlet. Includes dip tube, false bottom, lid, ball valve, sight glass and thermometer. Asking $200. Stout Tanks and Kettles: 20 Gallon Hot Liquor Tank (with HERMS Coil and Sight Glass)...
  11. Marquez

    Colorado Blichmann 10gal Mash Tun w/ autosparge - $300

    Blichmann 10gal Mash Tun w/ autosparge $300 Pick up: Littleton CO Shipping: you can estimate the cost 15in x 15in x 20in box at 20lbs from 80127 The following features are standard Blichmann Boilermaker: • 18 gauge 304 stainless steel construction • Adjustable angle BrewMometer • Borosilicate...
  12. Chris Levesque

    Air coming out of Mashtun during Vorlauf

    I recently was given a sparge arm and started using it. My last 3 batches I've used it on I've noticed a fair amount of air coming out the output of my mashtun. I checked and I don't have a ball valve with an air hole in it and I'm using camlocks to secure my hoses. When I first turn the pump...
  13. D

    Georgia Blichmann G1 15G Mashtun w/ Autosparge

    Blichmann G1 15G Mashtun w/autosparge Parting out system. Everything for sale. Make Offer. Text to 4044028836 Dave Asking $400 + shipping or Best Offer Dave