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  1. D

    Imperial Stout low ABV outcome

    Hello all, I've had back luck with two batches of an imperial stout with everything the same. It's not bad, but the abv for the 19 lbs came out to 6.5% abv. I was shooting for 9% or so. It's strange to me, since my previous batch before was an oktoberfest-like ale shooting for 5-6%, but turned...
  2. B

    Brewdog IPA Way too high mashing temp

    Hi all, Two days ago, I tried to brew my first batch of Brewdog IPA with kveik. I was having a bit of a brain freeze when I was mashing and the temp hit around 85C/176F- I then continued and finished the whole brewing process with Kveik. After around 1.5 day, the bubbling of my airlock stopped...
  3. D

    Possible stuck fermentation?

    TLDR - Made an altbier, and my FG is too high. Is this a mash or fermenting problem, or something else? I made an altbier a few weeks back, and am now 2 weeks into fermentation. The OG was 1.050, and my FG readings (4 days apart) is at attenuation at 62%, but I was expecting...
  4. A

    Adding Infusion From HLT to Mash Tun

    Re-reading How to Brew at the moment as I'm with an injury. Palmer says that thermodynamically that it's actually better to add the water to the grains rather than the other way around. He also points out that doing it that way can cause dry spots & dough balls. So the better method is adding...
  5. F

    Dough Balls & Mashing

    No this isn’t an anti-Pilsburry Doughboy post, lord knows we could all use with a couple more of those crescent rolls in our lives. No this is about those balls of crushed grain that form in your mash tun when you’re setting up to have a perfect brew day. The ones that sit there and bob around...
  6. M

    Step Mashing Basics

    When I first started brewing I used a kit to guide me through the brewing process. The instructions seemed very simple which was nice since I was still learning about the equipment and how the brewing process worked. I steeped a small sock of grains for 20 minutes, poured in the liquid malt...
  7. F

    RIMS or HERMS: Understanding Mashing Equipment

    If you’re looking for ways to maintain better consistency across your recipes every time you brew, you’ll want to look at consistency in your mash rests. Basic rests being Acid (95°F – 113°F), Protein (113°F – 138°F), and Saccharification (beta-amylase 131°F – 150°F, alpha-amylase 150°F – 160°F)...
  8. T

    An Introduction to Doing a Cereal Mash

    Many all-grain brewers seem to be put off when anything beyond a single infusion comes up in a recipe. Terms like “triple decoction” conjure up images of steampunk laboratories, mad scientists, and hump-backed henchman. Cereal mashing seems to get the same response, which is understandable as...
  9. Evan La Marr

    Tell my why I shouldn’t use a bag for a filter in my mash tun.

    So I got a bag for my cooler b/c it just seemed like a better all-around idea than Bazookas, false bottoms, or manifolds. Now, I want to know what’s NOT GOOD about it, and why I might want to change to something else in the future. I want to become a professional - not just a hobbyist - so I’d...
  10. S

    HERMS/RIMS step mash performance q's

    For those of you with HERMS or RIMS. When you're doing a step mash, how many degrees/minute are you getting when you ramp up to the next step? Do you have a minimum acceptable rate, if so what is it?
  11. Carmine Moleti

    AxHTherm Fermentation and Mashing

    Hi everyone, My name's Carmine and I'm an hobbyst homebrewer from Italy. Among my interests (brewing aside), there's electronics and software development, and that's what has pushed me and a couple of home brewer friends to build AxHTherm. AxHTherm is a fermentation and mashing control system...
  12. U

    Illinois NorCal Brewing False Bottom $100

    NorCal Brewing stainless steel false bottom with upgraded handle - $100 Approx 15.5” diameter and 2” tall. Used in 15 gallon mash tun
  13. TahoePowderHound

    Single Mash vs Step Mash

    So I'm finally jumping into all-grain. I have the enzymes and I know GFHB recommends a 2 step mash to achieve higher conversion. 90-120 minutes TWICE sounds like a long time. Has anyone tried both methods and have any conversion numbers? Which method do you use and why?
  14. J

    First Mash Tun Batch

    Hello, I tried last weekend to brew my first batch of beer with a mash tun, since I've only did by BIAB, and it didn't work really well. So let's get down to it First I builded myself a custom mash tun by modifying a 5 gallon cooler. I changed the spigot and added a bazooka screen. With that...
  15. J

    Scaling from 5gal to 10gal all grain batch

    I've only ever brewed 5 gallon all grain batches, but I would like to try to scale up to 10 gallons soon. I plan to do so by just using Beersmith to scale an existing 5 gallon recipe. I would like to know if there are any 'gotchas', in the transition. My brew kettle is a 1/2 barrel sankey...
  16. I

    Mash pH questions.

    My water is very soft. Ca - 6ppm, Mg - < 1ppm, Na - 7ppm, SO4 - 3ppm, Cl - 4ppm, HCO3 - 12ppm. I've been adding CaCl and MgSO4 to my mashes lately to try and bring up my Ca and Mg levels. I use EZWater to determine the amounts I want. My question revolves around measuring my mash pH and...
  17. Ridonkulous05

    AG: Dunkelweizen mashing and Tips, and Are Rye and Munich malts strong enough?

    Homies, Brewers, and Talkers, I am greedy, and I therefore have bunch of questions for the experienced brewers here on the forum: First, I have assembled the necessary goods for a 10 gal. batch of Dunkelweizen (I think). Here's the grain bill: (all German Weyermann malts)...
  18. xeerohour

    Questions After First All Grain

    Hi everyone, my name's Zach. I've been a lurker for a while, and finally got around to actually registering an account. I want to begin by saying thank you for all the excellent information I've found on your site, but I had trouble finding specific answers to a few things. First, a bit of...