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  1. JstnMoyer

    Recipe calls for mashout at 158°F?

    I brewed a RIS last weekend (BIAB, brew #13) based on this Old Rasputin clone recipe. I followed a lot of the process it calls for including a 60 minute mash at 152°F and a mash out at 158°F/70°C. I have been really interested in reading about the science of malting & mashing so I've done a lot...
  2. iuva

    NEIPa - Mashing temperature vs Type of cereals

    Hi guys I'd like to make this NEIPA shared by @maltyboy: I have some technical questions to ask before starting my batch. -I have never used flakes. When should I add them to the mashing process? Which temperature? -Same with wheat...
  3. micraftbeer

    Need BeerSmith Equipment Profile for 20 Gal InfuSSion Mash Tun

    I recently got a 20 gallon Brewtech InfuSSion mash tun. It's bigger than I needed (so I think now...), but the 10 gallon wasn't big enough for my occasional big batch experiments where I split wort off into fermentors to test different fermentation parameters. Anyway, I was brewing a 5 gallon...
  4. cmac62

    How much does mash temp really effect mouthfeel?

    I have been brewing for about 4 years now, all grain from the beginning. I have always heard 146-150, for a thinner, more fermentable wort and 150-155 medium body, and anything higher for a thicker, chewy brew. I don't know if my mouth just isn't that sensitive, but I don't notice that much of...
  5. stone1ipa

    Holding Mash Temperatures

    Greetings Fellow Brewers, I'll be doing my first BIAB all grain in a couple of weeks and after reviewing a lot of threads and videos it looks like most of you insulate (in a variety of methods) to keep your mash temps close to desired state. However I've seen a few folks simply measure the temp...
  6. Crashlaz

    problems hitting abv target, constantly above projected abv!?

    im not sure what the deal is. i dont mind a stronger beer, but i am constantly going above projected the abv. even on recipes i have not created. any ideas? i followed the brew instructions to the t on others recipes also. any help would be great was trying to make my wife a mellow 5% light lime...
  7. deBREWler

    Long Recirculating Mash Question

    Has anyone experimented with the idea of mashing for 2+ hours? Long story short, I can't lock myself in my garage or basement for a proper brew day so I've been brainstorming ways to modify my brew day to accommodate my family and children's needs. My HEX (standalone HERMS) will maintain...
  8. shadowmage36

    Low F.G. from overzealous S-04/low mash temps(?). Thoughts on a fix for the future?

    So I brewed what I think is a delicious British-style special bitter, as close to style guidelines (2008) as I possibly could. The color, flavor, and IBU level are all spot-on to what I was going for. The problem is the F.G. Minimum for the style is 1.009, I'm sitting at 1.006. The grain...