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  1. P

    Mass efficiency problem with big beer

    Hi guys, I have recently brewed to big beer: One double IPA and one wheatwine. I usually achieve a 80% mash efficiency. I don’t know why but for these 2 beers my mash efficiency dropped to 60%. I have changed nothing to my process : - I mill my grains with a double roller monster mill. My gap...
  2. Mahanoy

    Missing OG by 20+ Points - Help!!

    I've brewed three or four batches of a Rye IPA that borders on being a double IPA and each time I've brewed it I've missed my OG by 20 points or more. This is the only beer I've ever had trouble with in terms of hitting my OG (my system's efficiency is generally in the range of 65-70%). It's...
  3. K

    Mash Efficiency Correlation to Boil Off

    Hey All, Had a weird occurrence happen last weekend, and I'm curious what might be the cause... We brew all grain with 3 kettles (HLT, Mash, Boil). We had what I believe was a really efficient mash. Everything hit at all the right moments, and things felt good. Then the boil hit, and we...